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East Patchogue, LI: Remember the last time the New York Democrats and the MTA attempted a commuter tax? It is the disastrous and unpopular MTA payroll tax that has been exposed as nothing more than a cash grab. It took several years to obtain the repeal of 80% of this tax.

Albany politicians are starting over with congestion pricing, and it could cost motorists up to $23 a day. Eliminating congestion in Manhattan is not the purpose of this tax. It’s just another way for politicians and bureaucrats to bloat their coffers at the expense of the millions of New Yorkers who live, work and visit the city every day.

At a time when the government should be doing all it can to help businesses recover and get back on track, this new tax will do the exact opposite. There is no doubt that this will keep visitors and tourists away – and when they stay away, so will their tourist dollars. This commuter tax will increase the cost of delivering and selling goods and services and will make it much more expensive for workers to get to and from work. This will set back our already sluggish economy even further. When told that many commuters could not afford this new tax, politicians told them to take the train. However, due to the pro-crime policies of the Albany Democrats that have led to a dramatic increase in crime, many are afraid to ride the trains and subways. This is one of the reasons why the traffic is so low.

Instead of finding new ways to divert money from us, we should limit the MTA’s out-of-control spending. Dean Murray

Bronx: I wholeheartedly agree with Voicer Victor R. Cabrera, who pointed out how subway and bus riders who pay their fares ultimately fall victim to fare beaters who force the MTA to raise fares. I noticed that the problem is much worse on buses than on the metro. I think one solution would be for the city to make each bus line a select bus and hire more inspectors to board buses and ask passengers to show their purchased tickets. This would motivate many passengers to pay for their passage, as paying $2.75 is certainly better than a $100 fine. Scott Barusek

Brooklyn: In response to the Voice Claude Chu: You sound like a complete hater! Who has time to write down the city employees’ car information and try to expose it in the newspaper? Are you actually monitoring this officer’s car to see when or if he gets tickets? He works long hours to keep this town safe and you’re upset because you never see a ticket on his car? You are upset because a firefighter who risks his life every time he takes care of a detail has a red Lamborghini that is parked in the same place every day and you have to see it. Go on vacation and stop being so bitter! Victoria Chase

Whitestone: When Mayor Adams took office in January, I was ready to give him a chance to clean up the city. We are in disarray and plagued by crime. All this is due to the eight years of the mayor of Bozo (de Blasio). That chance has come and gone as Adams has proven to be nothing but a failure and an extension of Bozo’s mayor. I will consider Adams the stupid mayor. His latest attempt, suggesting going down to Texas to campaign against Governor Abbott, is utterly ridiculous and stupid. Unfortunately, we still have three and a half years of this idiot. Good luck, New York. Gene O’Brien

Woodcliff Lake, NJ: In response to Voicer Frank Sterle Jr.’s letter regarding Ann Heche and so many others struggling with addiction: Thank you for your beautiful and sensitive letter from a sensitive and tender heart. None of these people are disposable or worthless. They are made in the image of God and their lives have value. Trauma, whether from childhood or from a recent event, can be catastrophic for a person’s psyche and life. When people say Heche is just another example of a spoiled Hollywood brat, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Addiction stems from a disease of the soul. Money and fame do not satisfy the soul. Kathie Renken

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Bronx: Kudos to Liz Cheney for standing up for her true beliefs about the presidential election (not the big lie). I am a Democrat and I respect her for her belief in doing the right thing. How many Republicans can follow in his footsteps of truth versus lies? Darlene Taylor

Las Vegas: Re “What Cheney won” (editorial, August 18): The Daily News editorial board is dead wrong. If you are my representative and you go against my wishes, you are eliminated. Not honourable! If you think it’s honorable to go against the wishes of people in your state, you’re crazy. The people of Wyoming saw this as a betrayal of their wishes, and their votes showed it. She knew and said it was political suicide to go against her constituents and did it anyway. She looked the people who voted for her in the eye and said, “Too bad, I’m going to do what I want to do and I don’t give a damn about you and your beliefs!” How could you trust someone who would smile in your face, get your vote, and stab you in the back? James Coffey

Flushing: Yes, Joe Biden is old and he probably shouldn’t be riding his bike, but doing age-appropriate exercises in the White House gymnasium. But he’s a smart man and 1000% better than the other guy, who embraces violence and believes he has carte blanche to do whatever serves his needs at the time. Do you remember his angry tirades and verbal abuse of his subordinates and the press, and his admiration for authoritarian rulers, i.e. Russia and North Korea? He is a clear and present danger to democracy because of his disregard for the law and democratic institutions. I voted for him the first time, then I said, “What did I do?” Believe me, if elected, he will turn our country into a banana republic. It will seriously damage public health and democracy in the country. He barely survived January 6. John Weiss

Howard Beach: Such righteous outrage from the Trump babbling machine. Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News empire has attacked the Bidens, father and son, relentlessly as people in the Trump pod hold him to be gospel. The Orange Menace carried boxes of classified documents to Mar-a-Lago and usually flushed classified documents down the toilet. The twice impeached slug debased the United States every day he was in office and sought to overturn an election! We are in “The Twilight Zone”. He wants to run again and has support! Help me, Rhonda! S.Schwartz

Corona: To Voicer Tim Scott: I just read your August 3 letter comparing Donald Trump to Winston Churchill. Here is a quote from Churchill: “Democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” I know what Trump thinks of democracy. If it’s not exclusively, entirely, respectfully, forever about him, and he can’t make a profit, forget it! So what do you have against democracy? What other form of government is more to your liking? Caroline Miles

Staten Island: On voice Barbara Chaya: As soon as you can tell us where Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden put these classified documents, I’m sure the FBI will get them. Please share what you know. Then again, I better be careful what I ask. Lingsworth-Pendley

North Palm Beach, Florida: Where Have All The Correctors Gone? The Sports section has errors all the time. Why are you keeping the list of “American League Leaders” Andrew Benintendi as the Kansas City Royal when he has been with the Yankees for a month? Jerry Cocola