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Manhattan: Jennifer Berenbaum’s voice needs to get her facts straight. I and other humanity advocates have long complained that laws to protect children, the elderly, and yes, animals, need to be stricter. These three groups are the easiest to victimize because they have no voice. And I can’t help wondering what Jennifer is doing to help abandoned and abused children.

You are not criticizing people who spend their time attending races or other animal exploitation events, but whenever there is a case of animal cruelty – no matter how brutal and horrific – you complain if we express compassion for the victim even though the victim has the same pain-producing nervous system as us.

Good job, Jennifer: The next freak raising a bat to beat an animal cowering in fear – like the Buffalo shooter did before he graduated – will happily proceed knowing you’ll minimize his vicious behavior.

We will keep trying to create a kinder world while people like you keep spreading worthless hate in an already toxic world.

By the way, scientists do indeed say that the early Earth was not yet Earth, but was just a cluster of elements called a fireball according to the Big Bang theory. Too bad for you trying to equate this to a fetus actually being a person. Grace Lunz

Hallandale Beach, Florida: Rest In Peace, Ray Liotta. Thank you for the iconic roles and incredible memories on the movie screen. You were absolutely one of a kind. Paul Bacon

Bayside: Whether you like it or not, summer is still an unhealthy and dangerous season, especially for people with respiratory problems. I advise everyone, especially the elderly, to use the air conditioning when needed. Winter, my friends, has delicious fresh healthy air to breathe in without fear. My pick for the best season of all is winter. Sarah Alboher

Brooklyn: I just completed my Master of Science program in Urban Politics and Leadership at Hunter College. I made a graduation cap inspired by the 1975 title “Ford to City: Drop Dead”. I also have a poster of this title in my apartment, a reminder of what happens when our government continues to fail citizens. Mayor Adams did not create the problems we have, but he inherited them. I didn’t see any meaningful action from him on anything, just “we’re going to figure out who did this” or “we need to make changes”. It’s just words, Eric. What will you actually do to improve our quality of life so that these things don’t continue to happen? Two subway shootings in a month, several people pushed past trains, a worsening mental health crisis and a rental market out of control. Of course, every time Adams opens his mouth, he’s telling New York to drop dead. Lauren Roland

Lockport, NY: From the recent school shootings, and as a journalist who has covered terrorism, I know gun control is not necessary. Control of schools and public buildings is necessary. You never hear of prison shootings because they don’t happen. How hard is it to put a guard or two and a gun detector at the entrance to all schools and public buildings? Dear? No, not compared to the cost of human lives and the billions of lawsuits that mass killings inspire. I laughed hysterically in the 1990s when a satirical magazine quoted someone saying, “I’d rather live next to a prison than a public school.” Now it’s the truth. It is time to close schools, supermarkets, hypermarkets and public buildings or facilities where a manic incident could happen again. How stupid are we as a country not to protect our innocents with security guards armed with metal detectors? Brandon M. Stickney

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Whiting, NJ: In Thursday’s edition of the Daily News, a long list of fatal school shootings was published. Perhaps in the near future you could print out a list of killings in educational institutions where the assailant used a knife, bat or other weapon, excluding firearms. What? This list does not exist? Better federal gun regulations. Now. Bill McConnell

Manhattan: Where did 18-year-old Salvador Ramos get the money to buy guns and ammunition that cost thousands of dollars? Why has no one asked this question? Elisabeth Bettina Nicolosi

Flushing: In light of the last two mass shootings, it’s obviously too easy for anyone 18 to buy a gun. To carry a legal weapon in New York, one must first have a license and give a reason why this weapon is needed in addition to a background check. If this country is to become truly united against gun violence, every state must agree to make it illegal to buy a gun without first obtaining a gun license. Not only would this increase revenue, but no one would be allowed to buy a firearm without a license. This might annoy hunters, but it would limit the number of guns legally sold to anyone over the age of 17. Otherwise, it could become national law. S. Grillo

Middletown, NJ: During the COVID-19 pandemic, many states and school districts have required our young children to wear masks at school to protect them from catching the invisible virus that is so deadly. Over a million Americans have died so far. Fortunately, young people were mostly spared from contracting the virus, but some did. In the latest mass shooting at a Texas high school by an 18-year-old who not only shot his grandmother but then killed 19 young children under the age of 10 and two teachers, the shooter used a AR-15 assault rifle, one of two he bought legally in Texas for his 18th birthday! Our legislators are famous for saying that their thoughts and prayers are with the families of the dead. I would not be surprised if, instead of regulating the sale of certain weapons, they proposed a law requiring our young children to wear body armor and maybe even helmets. Hanrahan Grass

Ozone Park: People may hate me for suggesting the following: Maybe it’s time, in the mind of Emmett Till’s mother, that we show the real damage a military assault rifle has Done to those beautiful angels that are now shown all over the media. Maybe when they saw why their parents couldn’t identify their beloved children, it would show why assault rifles are only for the military and should be banned. John Lander

Nutley, NJ: How can we (Americans) change this carnage in America? We feel helpless. We wonder what we can do as citizens of this country to stop the killing of children and innocent adults by AR-15s. Well, let’s think about that. We expect our Representatives and Senators in Congress to take action on this. Pass background check laws and ban assault weapons. Over and over again for many years we have tried this path with no results. Our only recourse is to change the people who do nothing to stop these killings. GOP senators in Congress must be eliminated. Americans of voting age, get out and vote. This is our only way to prevent these heartbreaking massacres from happening again and again. Vote them. A final thought: the GOP should be called the “Do Nothing Party.” Elaine Bucino

Utica, NY: I had to write and state that I completely agree 1,000% with Voicer Jim Hughes, who wrote about “unnecessary clowns” in Congress, especially the GOP. Another shooting of innocent children in Texas and the Republican governor there is part of the problem. Assault rifles have nothing to sell to just about anyone. The people of this country are being ignored by the big cats in Congress. Enough is enough. We must exercise our constitutional right and vote for all, as Hughes puts it, “dismissed useless clowns, starting with the Lauren Boeberts, the MTGs and the Ted Cruzes.” Francisco Matos