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Readers Ring New Square, Musk’s Twitter and College Admissions – New York Daily News

Brooklyn: I am writing to you regarding a grave injustice taking place in Fort Greene. The Department of Transportation is building a plaza on Gates Ave. over the objections of those most affected. Their decision is tyrannical with racial overtones.

The Fort Greene Partnership Homes Condominium was built in 1988 and 100 people, including myself, all people of color, purchased our homes despite neighborhood security concerns. We hoped our entry would be the start of a renaissance. It was. There is a core of us, mostly retirees, who stay. Early last spring, the DOT announced its proposal to build a plaza right outside our windows. We asked why there was no prior discussion of the project and DOT said they partnered with businesses in the area. We kept asking about our quality of life concerns and the loss of parking spaces. We received dismissive responses.

Squares may be nice places for people, but no one wants people laughing, drinking and smoking right outside their windows day and night. We focused on convincing Community Board 2 that this project should not go ahead. In August, members rejected Gates Ave’s proposal. of the DOT. We felt justified! But a few weeks later, a sign was posted stating that construction of the square would begin in October.

This is not how elderly black residents should be treated. We are open to compromise, but we have not had the opportunity. We want to be treated with dignity and respect, not marginalized within our own neighborhood which we have helped transform. We understand that change is inevitable, but you don’t treat anyone that way, especially seniors. Daryl Rock

East Brunswick, NJ: If Twitter employees leave on their own in droves, that’s proof positive that they’ve engaged in unethical activity. Censorship is leaving and they can’t stand it. Hollywood elites are abandoning the platform for others who still censor opinions different from their own. How is this revealing? Does anyone remember McCarthyism? I suppose not. Freedom of speech is now available to all users and the Communists are in turmoil. It’s a good day in Twitterland. I could just open an account. Lisa Maniaci

Astoria: The first sentence of the last paragraph of the “Truly fair admissions” editorial (October 31) unwittingly demonstrates who is being discriminated against through affirmative action: “Americans have good reason to want our higher education institutions to work as true engines of equal opportunity for whites, blacks, Latinos and Asians. Do you see it ? Bradley Morris

Manhattan: My husband and I frequently wonder about an echo of the past (probably the 1960s) and why academics have chosen not to promote equal opportunity by a norm – socioeconomic class – that does not constitute class protected. Guest opinion Richard Kahlenberg (“Consider Class, Not Race, in College Admissions,” October 31 editorial) timely picks up on an article he wrote a few years ago, erasing the dilemma legal with essentially the same effects as race-based admissions. Sorry, SCOTUS, you’re SOL (pardon my acronym). Of course, there can be an unfortunate consequence: Asians rank relatively high in both academic achievement and family income, so they can be losers at both ends. Michele P. Brown

Bayside: Scooters ride on sidewalks, then streets, then back to sidewalk. I almost crashed once. You need eyes in the back of your head! I’m just trying to stay alive. My place is on the sidewalk. All moving vehicles must be registered. Therese Polese

Little Egg Harbor, NJ: New Yorkers (I was one for 60 years) are getting the government they deserve for being so misinformed about voting. If you continue to vote for a party rather than those who seek to protect you and your interests, you will elect incompetents and end up with results that will hurt you and your family. New York has its first female governor, which is historic. Governor Hochul has taken this work into her own hands and has made great strides in all the progressive steps she has taken to maintain New York’s dignity and standing in the face of global competition. Now you have a vile, angry man running to take that away from you. Machismo should not do to the state what Donald Trump did to Hillary Clinton. Look where that got us. Lee Zeldin is a Trump lover and he will put the state in another mess with his hateful ways. Rose S. Wilson

Melville, LI: For anyone considering voting Republican because of inflation, I want to share something I read: “What good is a man to win the whole world, but lose his own soul?” Know that if you vote for a Republican right now, you vote for Trump, you vote for QAnon, and you vote for Division. Denis Joyce

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Astoria: Regarding the attack on Paul Pelosi: What is the truth? Where is the video from the police body camera? I don’t think we have the whole story. Something is strange. Antoine Gigantiello

Bronx: I am saddened to say that a significant number of Americans are either gullible, ignorant or intolerant for a plethora of reasons. I came to this conclusion because America has become a country where truth, facts and logical thinking are under attack. Examples include: COVID denial, the CIA or FBI being part of the “deep state”, climate change is a Democratic hoax, Trump’s theft of top secret documents is a storage issue, the Holocaust being a fake, the presidential election being stolen — I could go on. As voters focus on gas prices and inflation, which are happening all over the world and are worse in most countries, our democracy is under attack from people who threaten other voters and refuse to accept the results if they don’t win. Gilbert M. Lane

Howard Beach: Every Democratic candidate has one platform: abortion. The Republican agenda is about crime on the streets of New York. While both are important, crime in New York has spiraled out of control and affects us all, while abortion affects a much smaller number of New Yorkers. It seems the Democratic incumbents don’t want to tackle runaway crime in New York because they don’t know what to do about it. Republicans want to make changes and get back to how the city was before the changes Democrats made. I am a registered Democrat who will vote for Republican candidates. For sure, it’s time to change or it’s time to leave Dodge! Nick DiPasquale

East Rockaway, LI: Reading the recap of Superstorm Sandy’s havoc in the Daily News this weekend, I noticed a photo of a gas station in Brooklyn. Can you believe the price of regular gasoline was $3.83 a gallon? It was in 2012, 10 years ago. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a little more than what we are currently experiencing in this period of “extraordinary” inflation. I assume that President Biden was also responsible for this high price? It’s funny how quickly we forget the past. Some things go their own way, no matter who is in charge. David Napel

Riverhead, LI: As for the city’s supposed crackdown on subway crime, it’s only going to get worse when criminals realize they’re only getting a slap on the wrist. So many people have page after page of arrests, but when they appear before a judge, they receive a sentence that will have them back on the subway in a month or two. Thomas W. Smith

Bergenfield, NJ: To Voicer Joseph N. Manago: I ride SBS too, however, no one has ever asked to see my receipt! What joke! It’s as good as banning people who commit crimes on the subway! One question: how? Unless they have police at the turnstiles, not just guards, people will keep jumping them. Jim Kerner

Huntington, LI: As a lifelong Giants fan, thank you for your last page on Sunday. You put the curse on the Jets. Continue like that! Leonard Stevenson