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PREMIERE: Reign of Terror – Yatra

We here at distorted sound are thrilled to present the new song by YATRA!

The new song, titled reign of terroris taken from the new album by the Maryland-based death metal band, Born in chaosscheduled for release in June this year.

Speaking of the new song, guitarist/singer Dana Helmuth said, reign of terror talks about the inquisition, old and new. The witch hunt, metaphorically. The Dark Ages and Torture. The division it caused and its connection to the current division and accusation in the forms of mental slavery and mind control. Freedom of expression and thought, personal freedoms, as well as spiritual and cultural practices are quickly censored and intentionally misinterpreted.

More and more books are banned or censored, discussion of controversial topics leads to extreme false accusations. The right to abortion is questioned, races are again separated and spiritual and cultural beliefs are reviled. Historically, these types of evil control were always born and carried out during and after great pestilences, famines and wars.

Listen to Reign Of Terror exclusively here:

Born Into Chaos is set for release on June 10 via Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information about YATRA, like their official page on Facebook.