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Pomann Sound Designs Apple Original Animated Series, “Duck & Goose”

Emmy Audio Post-Producer Bob Pomann and Supervising Sound Editor Justin Kaupp® award-winning Manhattan-based audio post house, Son Pomann, {IS. 1984} completed the mixing and sound design for more than 20 episodes of season 1 of the Apple Original animated series, Duck & Goose.

July 8e2022, Apple TV+ kicked off its all-new summer shows with the much-loved anime series, Duck & Goose, as part of their children’s series lineup. Inspired by the New York Times best-selling books by Tad Hills, the preschool series celebrates the unique friendship of Duck & Goose, two feathered best friends who don’t always see eye to eye.

With a target audience of preschool/kindergarten, an era of easy distraction, Pomann’s approach to sound was both streamlined and helpful. The show takes place outdoors in a meadow at the edge of a stream. The creative intent was to keep the environment peaceful and serene. Understanding the science behind sound and how it can be manipulated, Kaupp created a lush ambience with character. It’s something you might not notice, but you will surely feel. To achieve this, he designed a palette of all-natural action sounds, unlike traditional cartoon sounds. But the biggest challenge still remained, recording the sound and speed of a birdbeat.

Bob Pomann bought real feathers to find the right texture and set up in the studio to record the sound effects of the wings. Then they experimented with fabrics like pillows, felt, suede, and even an old pillowcase. But it wasn’t until Kaupp changed her daughter’s diaper that the perfect sound accidentally appeared. She grabbed a clean diaper and started shaking it out really quickly. That was it! Soon came recordings of a heavy diaper for the night, a lighter pull-up, and a diaper cover to create the signature sounds by beating the diapers at different speeds.

Pomann, who is currently working on the all-new Disney Plus animated series, KIIFF, is known for his original sound design for Nickelodeon/Disney’s Emmy®-prime Doug, and designed and mixed several anime series like Little Einsteins, Stanley, Jo-Jo’s Circus, Code Name: Kids Next Door and many others. Highlights include features like Blind (Hulu), An imperfect murder (Netflix), and series love after confinement (US TV), Two shallow graves (#1 show discovery+) as well as award-winning Mercury and Clio commercials for radio and television.

Pomann Sound’s history in sound storytelling has enabled creative solutions at all levels on the soundtracks of commercials, series and feature films.

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