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Poly Voyager 4220 UC review – great sound, long battery life at a premium price

  • Having a good pair of headphones for attending calls and meetings while working from home has become essential in a post-pandemic world.
  • The Poly Voyager 4220 UC promises excellent audio and call performance while being comfortable to use.
  • I’ve been using these headsets for a few weeks now and here is my full review.

The pandemic has forced many of us to work from home, but the sudden shift from an office environment to a home setup may prove a bit difficult for some to adjust to.

This is especially a problem when you have to attend meetings and calls, as the lack of proper audio and video setup can make life difficult not only for you, but even for your colleagues.

Over the past couple of years, headsets and webcams have become part of home setups for many of us. Many of us may also have noticed a noticeable improvement in the audio and video quality of calls and meetings as more and more people look to buy the best headphones for their needs.

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I’ve reviewed some of these headsets over the past couple of years, and the latest is the Poly Voyager 4220 UC. Poly also has a set that includes a
webcamgiving you a complete audio video setup for your business life.

I’ve been using the Poly Voyager 4220 UC for a few weeks now and here is my full review.

Poly Voyager 4220 UC – price and availability

The Poly Voyager 4220 UC is priced at ₹15,800, while the Studio P5 webcam is priced at ₹7,500. Both devices are available on Amazon.

Stop the noise

One of the most annoying issues in meetings and calls while working from home is background noise. Since different people live in different places, each with their own characteristics, this is something teams have to deal with.

However, a good pair of helmets can minimize this problem to a great extent. The Voyager 4220 UC is equipped with two-way noise cancellation. This is useful when you want to cut out the noise while you work, and your colleagues will thank you for reducing the noise on your side during team meetings and calls.

Poly Voyager 4220 UC review - great sound, long battery life at a premium price
Poly Voyager 4220 UC microphone boom.Runak Jain

These Poly headsets come with two microphones to block out external sounds, as well as a flexible microphone boom to adjust its position to suit your needs.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a considerable drop in outside noise, both on the other side of the call and on my side. I also checked with others on the call, who mention that the noise reduction was noticeable.

Poly says the Voyager 4220 UC offers 12 hours of talk time and up to 15 hours of listening time. During my use, the actual numbers were around 10-11 hours, enough for at least a week of use. As for charging time, Poly says it takes 1.5 hours for a full charge.

Ease of use and comfort

One of the important aspects of headsets is their comfort of use – this is another area where the Voyager 4220 UC shines. I’ve used these headsets for hours straight, and while they’re not very light, it’s never been an issue.

Poly Voyager 4220 UC review - great sound, long battery life at a premium price
Poly Voyager 4220 UC Earbuds.Runak Jain

The pads take a while to smooth out, but once you start using them they are really comfortable and hug the ears really well. The helmets are also comfortable thanks to the memory foam that adapts to the shape of your head.

Poly Voyager 4220 UC review - great sound, long battery life at a premium price
Poly Voyager 4220 UCRunak Jain

When it comes to ease of use, the Voyager 4220 UC is equipped with volume controls, mute, call handling, and media playback buttons. The mute button is especially useful when you’re on a call but away from your desk and need to quickly mute yourself.

The headset also has helpful voice alerts for talk time and mute status.


The Voyager 4220 UC is compatible with phones and computers, thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 support as well as a receiver you can plug into your computer or laptop.


The Poly Voyager 4220 UC is a simple, feature-rich pair of headsets that do their job very well. Noise cancellation, especially during calls, is excellent and talk time is good enough for a week of use. The pads are comfortable and the headset as a whole is easy to use for hours on end.

The price, however, is slightly higher. But if you’re looking for a practical solution for your meetings and need excellent call performance, the Voyager 4220 UC does the job just fine.

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