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Police parade of six suspected killers of sound engineer in Lagos

Bennett Oghifo

The Lagos State Police Command yesterday paraded six people who allegedly killed sound engineer David Sunday in Lekki, Lagos recently.

According to the Lagos State Police Commissioner, who spoke to reporters as he paraded the suspects, Sunday was killed when he was asked to settle a dispute between a commercial motorcyclist and two of his passengers.

“On May 12, 2022, at approximately 6:30 p.m., at Studio 24, Lekki, Lagos, an Okada rider by the name of Dahiru, had an argument with his passengers, Frank Olatunji and Philip Balogun, over the rate of the bike.

“In the heat of the moment, Frank Olatunji and Philip Balogun invited a certain David on Sunday to mediate only for Dahiru and his cronies to violently attack, kill and set him on fire.

“A total of six suspects, Dahiru Ayuba, Susan Moses, Christopher Dauda, ​​Joseph Tella, Chigozie Anthony and Sunday Azi, have been arrested. The suspects will be brought to justice after the investigation.

The police commissioner also paraded others who allegedly engaged in sectarian wars that claimed some of their lives. “On 20th February 2022, a now deceased Ayo Dada and two other members of the sect were killed by suspected members of the rival sect at Ketu, Mile 12, Lagos.

“On February 21, 2022, a Sunday, Tomoloju and other members of his cult group went on a retaliatory mission to avenge their deceased members and killed a certain Adesegun Adesanya alias Ologodudu.

“Upon receipt of this information, detectives tracked the prime suspect, Sunday Tomoloju, to his remote stronghold where he was apprehended. During the investigation, the suspect gave a statement of confession to the commission of the said crime.

“The investigation is still ongoing to apprehend other fugitive suspects in an effort to recover their operational weapons.”

Alibi listed those killed in the sect wars as Ayo Dada, Adesegun Adesanya alias Ologodudu, and three others were killed in retaliatory attacks by members of rival sects.