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Pod Sound School helps new business owners build profitable content machines by launching simple podcasts

2 Day Live Event // October 13 & 14

Two-day LIVE event

Why do you think every top entrepreneur, business owner, author, and influencer has a podcast! ? Because they work! There is no other type of content that does what podcasting can do.

—Steve studio

RALEIGH, North Carolina, USA, October 5, 2022 / — From October 13, Sound Pod School will organize a day of two days, Live boot camp for business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a stable content creation workflow that will actually generate leads and build relationships with leads.

Forget the mental breakdowns, creative burnout, and anxiety that come with being a new business owner!

Over two sessions, Thursday and Friday, business leaders will work in groups to refine their unique offerings and propositions to build a podcast that will resonate with listeners.

They will also learn the basics of all the technical elements involved and a simple workflow that allows them to continuously pump out podcast episodes every week and reuse those episodes as content for many other platforms.

The best part about this content marketing formula is that business owners can run it in 3 hours or less per week.

Pod Sound School, the dynamic duo who exploded into the podcasting space with their Youtube channelhas become a leading expert in audio and video production and content marketing.

Veronica, a feisty Afro-Latina and retired lawyer, has become a true voice of content marketing for small business owners.
And Studio Steve, music and film producer turned coach and online educator, became famous for his streamlined and efficient approach to production.

The event is scheduled for Thursday, October 13 and Friday, October 14, beginning both days at 12 p.m. ET.

Bootcamp attendees will walk away with the development and tools in place to launch and sustain a profitable podcast for their business and professional pursuits.

Come learn with the funniest and most helpful instructors in the business and finally start this podcast!

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