Sound controls

POBA calls for measures to control noise pollution

Poribesh Bachao Andolan, an environmental organization, held a rally at the capital’s Shahbagh intersection on Saturday morning calling on the government to control noise pollution in the city.

President of Bangladesh Nirapad Pani Andolan engineer Anwar, president of Debidas Ghat Social Welfare Organization Musa, president of Bangladesh Cycle Implementation Committee Aminul Islam Taposh, president of Mrittika Social Development Organization Khadija Khanam as well as leaders and members of other environmental organizations were present to rally her.

Demanding to control noise pollution, engineer Anwar said, “Loud sound has become a very common scenario on city roads. Most drivers use whistles for no reason, which causes noise pollution and damages our hearing ability.

Later, he asked the government to properly punish the culprits who intentionally generate noise pollution.

Referring to medical science, Amirul Islam Taposh said: “If a man receives more than 60 db of sound for a long time, he may temporarily lose his hearing ability and if he receives more than 100 db of sound for a long period, he may permanently lose his hearing ability. .’

He also said, “In the busy inn of the cities, a sound of almost 70-80 db was generated, the limitation being set at 45 db for daytime and 50 db for night. For industrial areas, the limit is set at 40 db for night and 50 db for day, but the reality is that around 60-70 db of sound was generated day and night. »

“If the government does not strictly control noise pollution, half of Dhaka city residents could soon lose 30 db of hearing ability,” he said.

Later, they asked the government to take measures such as operating mobile courts on this issue, generators, horns and machines that produce high frequency sounds, should not be imported, implementation of a tree planting program, tagging noise pollution producers and punishing them harshly to control noise pollution and save the environment.