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Optimistic Apocalypse shines a light on life through art and sound

Brooke Surgener

Friday March 4

March 4 will be a precious day for indie-rock artist Optimistic Apocalypse. You may have heard her angelic sound over the years touching the hearts and souls of those who saw her step by step in the Erie region.

Beginning their songwriting at the age of eight and then playing music a few years later, Optimistic Apocalypse (aka Mckenzie Sprague), made a name for themselves while remaining humble and dedicated to their passion. With a new album prepared for release titled above the earthpeople will have the chance to delve into her world on a deeper level for a glimpse into the mind and heart of the young singer-songwriter.

The *above the earth The album release party will also serve as an art exhibition for Sprague’s paintings, with the entire event being held at Erie’s City Gallery.

“I’ve always had a vision of keeping my art and my music together,” says the artist. “I can express myself visually with art, while music is a deeper emotional outlet for me.” And as an artist, Optimistic Apocalypse has the nickname “lively not shyto show an extension of herself. The young singer admits that her works are heavily inspired by her lyrics which use the imagery of flowers, water and other motifs.

The inspirations behind above the earth are even more thematic, which Sprague says are nature, life, death, her garden, and the raw emotions she’s endured over the past few years. Optimistic Apocalypse rightly has a pleasant outlook on the world through it all and hopes that others will see our existence in the same light.

“I want people to leave my album release thinking how lucky we are to live on such a beautiful planet,” the singer says. “I hope this will make people realize how important it is to coexist with nature.”

As if his positive sound and vibrant watercolors weren’t already enough to soothe your senses, Sprague has put together a whole lineup leading up to his performance, featuring Slim and Red, Brooke Surgener and Tiny Paper Boats. Remarkably, at least one member of each group played a role in the realization of above the earth, from backup vocals and instrumentation to mastering.

She would also thank her partner and bassist Brent Knight who gave her a comfortable and “relaxed” feeling that helped her record her second project. With a four-year process to create the album, using a mobile studio that allowed him to record anywhere, the indie-rock artist wanted to present his album in a special way that will leave people amazed and – dare I say it – optimistic about the present time.

Prior to the event, Optimistic also launched a fundraising campaign to create t-shirts for its fans via indiegogo who will be available the evening of his event. The merchandising area will have a design made by her that will coordinate with the theme of the exhibit and of course, her music.

March 4 will bring together everything inside Mckenzie’s world, a true reflection of how we should all see our Earth and our existence, no matter what worldly perils we face. above the earth The album release and art exhibit is determined to be a beacon of light that we may have all been looking for. –Charles Brown

5:30 p.m. // City Gallery, 1503 State St. // All ages // Free //