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On-U Sound Release ‘Away With the Gun and Knife’ by Horace Andy

On-U Sound release Horace Andy’s ‘Away With The Gun And Knife’, the second single from the upcoming ‘Midnight Scorchers’ album.

A striking dubwise reworking of “Watch Over Them” from Horace Andy’s critically adored Midnight Rocker album, this soundsystem-ready re-friction spring reverberates The Ital Horns in space and rides the beat with a snare sound so punchy it might just take your speakers with it. At the center of it all is Horace’s all too timely lyrical condemnation of youth violence.

Midnight Scorchers sees legendary Jamaican singer Horace Andy team up once again with British dub innovator Adrian Sherwood. Speaking of the project, Horace himself comments “Midnight Scorchers is really nice, it’s different from Midnight Rocker and more of a dub album. I’ll be sitting at home listening to it and enjoying it on my Speaker Box dem!” “

Producer Adrian Sherwood adds: “I’m very happy with how ‘Scorchers’ is turning out; for me, it’s the perfect accompaniment to Midnight Rocker. It’s not just a dub album – the new mixes and new tracks take it out into the PA system arena.”

Horace Andy has remained a much-loved figure in a musical career that spans over 50 years, but lately he’s perhaps been more praised for his work as guest vocalist for Massive Attack and for the tour. of a live set built on its rich catalog of the 1970s. Jamaican hits.

The album Midnight Rocker, carefully assembled by producer Adrian Sherwood with Horace over several years, and released earlier in 2022, has brought the great singer back to the fore as a contemporary artist. Released to rave reviews across the board, including the Guardian placing it at the top of their albums of the year so far, and praising it as a “late-career masterpiece”, the album is now on its fifth pressing and continues to disappear from record store shelves around the world.

The Midnight Scorchers album takes the story one step further, with dubplate-style covers (including mic contributions from Lone Ranger and Daddy Freddy); songs that didn’t quite fit the “Rockers” streak but have a chance to shine on this new set; and fresh mixes that allow the striking arrangements to take rhythmic flight.

In the same way that the music has been re-imagined, the artwork has also been re-imagined, with award-winning animator Ruff Mercy (Goriilaz, Earl Sweatshirt, Thom Yorke) putting a street-graffiti twist on things, too. prominently featured in his psychedelic and colorful video for lead single “Feverish,” a massive new take on one of Horace Andy’s Studio One-era classics.

The essential second half of the “Rockers and Scorchers” story, the album is a must for hardcore reggae fans and open-minded music lovers.

Watch the new music video here: