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New Marvel’s Avengers update will fix issues with Discordant Sound Raid and Spider-Man

Last year was marked by a lot of ups and downs for Marvel’s Avengers, a game that has certainly seen its fair share of controversy since its launch in 2020. A number of new characters have been added to the superhero roster, including new excursions with Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, as well as the hero PlayStation exclusive, Spider-man, arrived just before the end of the year. Developer Crystal Dynamics even removed Pay-To-Win XP boosts, a promise that fans felt was broken by the studio when they were initially added to the online store.


With fans continually asking for new content to play, the high point for many players came in the summer of last year when the War for Wakanda expansion was finally released for free to all players who owned the game. The big addition was Black Panther and a new campaign across localities in Wakanda. New enemies have been added to combat, new damage types in Sonic and Vibranium, and a new raid called Discordant Sound. With players reporting issues with raid content, Crystal Dynamics has announced that fixes are now live in-game.

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While this latest update on January 19, 2022 is massive, the Discordant Sound raid has received the bulk of the updates. Crystal Dynamics has fixed a number of reported bugs related to players getting trapped or stuck, such as being outside of Shuri’s Control Room area. Enemy spawns have also been adjusted, and even a rare issue where an extreme amount of Echo Portals spawning during Klaw’s fight has been fixed.

In addition to the Raid, the update affects much of the content inside Marvel’s Avengers including fixes for the main campaign, visual updates for characters like Iron Man, as well as a fix for a UI issue with the equip tutorial screen that makes the game feel unresponsive. The recently added Spider-Man has also received a number of updates and fixes to deal with some buggy combat surrounding Vibranium and Sonic damage, animation issues with some of his other suits like the Mark outfit. IV, and more.

All in all, there’s a little something for everyone in this week’s huge update. However, it seems that some Marvel’s Avengers fans are less than thrilled with the reduction in comic bonuses to armor, effectively preventing players from reaching 100%. Anyway, here are the full patch notes:

Reassembly Campaign and Avengers Initiative

  • The game no longer freezes or crashes after completing the reassembly campaign.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid during Klaw’s fight with Zawavari, platforms that spawn when Klaw is down no longer leave collision zones invisible.
  • In the Discordant Sound raid in the first jungle area, enemies no longer spawn in rocks or stairs.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid in the final interior area, the Vibranium Exposure debuff now fills the entire area so pilots cannot avoid it.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, the Command Crawler no longer remains completely still if hit by Kamala’s hand while she is holding another enemy.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, an extreme amount of Echo Portals no longer spawn on certain occasions during Klaw’s final fight.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, enemies after the puzzle gate phase are no longer trapped, which previously prevented progression.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, fixed an issue where players could not move if an Iron Man summoned the Hulkbuster just as the elevator opened to the control room.
  • In the jarring sound raid in the door button area, if players use emotes or ranged attacks, the buttons no longer disable.
  • [PS4/PS5] Mouths animate correctly in cutscenes after completing The Amazing Spider-Man Mission Chain.
  • [PS4/PS5] Fixed an issue where any hero could complete Spider-Man’s Cosmic Threat Web Bomb heroic objective.

Multiplayer and matchmaking

  • In the Discordant Sound Raid in the Control Room area with Shuri, if all players are in the outer area with no way back, they will now be properly teleported.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, players no longer spawn behind a wall after completing the Control Room if the host migrates during the loading screen.

Arts & Entertainment

  • Black Spheres no longer appear when Iron Man is equipped with Muon or Missile Reverb gear.
  • The camera now correctly tracks Iron Man when using a Takedown on a Hunter Crawler in Here Comes the Pain.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man can no longer crawl on invisible walls in specific maps.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Underground Suit eyes now match the icon where it glows white instead of red.
  • [PS4/PS5] Sound effects are present as Spider-Man attempts to retrieve Mjolnir from the Helicarrier.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Mark IV Outfit no longer clips during idle animations.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Wrestler Outfits hoodie no longer clips near the bottom.

User interface

  • The game no longer stops responding when closing the gear upgrade tutorial if the Expeditions message is present.
  • [PS4/PS5] Various text improvements for Spider-Man’s skills and perks.


  • When Hunter Echoes are invisible, their rocket attacks are now visible.
  • Using Black Panther’s King’s Mercy in the underground area of ​​Beating the Odds where you need to defeat 3 Prime Adept Synthoids no longer sends enemies through the door.
  • Reduced comic bonuses related to armor to prevent players from getting 100% armor, negating all damage.
    • Previously the increments were 1.1% / 12% / 13% / 14% / 15%
    • They are now 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%
  • [PS4/PS5] When moving the camera horizontally during Spider-Man’s Web Launch ability, the screen no longer shakes on landing.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Hit the Sky skill correctly increases melee damage while airborne.
  • [PS4/PS5] When Spider-Man attaches himself to a wall to begin wall running, he no longer goes straight up and instead runs towards the controller.

Equipment, challenges and rewards

  • When upgrading equipment, the correct amount of upgrade modules are now used.
  • [PS4/PS5] With Spider-Man’s Balanced Reverb perk, Rapid Spin now correctly deals Vibranium damage.
  • [PS4/PS5] With Spider-Man’s Balanced Scream perk, Rapid Spin now correctly deals Sonic damage.
  • [PS4/PS5] Spider-Man’s Wrecking Ball Overdrive perk now correctly grants the correct amount of Wreckage regeneration.

Known issues and solutions

  • In Discordant Sound Raid, the sound barrier does not appear in the first button section, halting progress. We are still investigating and thank you for all the reports we have received.
  • Various crashing and freezing issues during Raid and OLT.
  • In the Discordant Sound Raid, Command Crawler webs visually appear on Strike Team members even after they burst.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Crystal Dynamics

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