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Nashville sound engineer finds Nero sound quality “top notch”

Nashville sound engineer finds Nero sound quality “top notch”

Nashville sound engineer finds Nero sound quality

United States – Nashville studio owner Tim Dolbear upgraded his monitor controller to Audient Nero at Eclectica Studio. “We wanted something that was reliable both in terms of sound reproduction and longevity, and the Nero fits in perfectly with that,” says Tim, also chief sound engineer. He saw a “null test” online, which compared the difference between the Nero and using a simple straight line cable. “They completely canceled what really intrigued me,” he said. Since his purchase, he can not blame it. “The sound quality was absolutely top notch and the routing is wonderful.”

Tim has worked in the studio for over two decades as a producer, mixer, mastering and recording engineer, so he knows what he’s talking about. He’s worked with everyone from Grammy winners to independent artists, and his records are released around the world. Satisfied customers include Tony Harnell (TNT, Starbreaker, West world, Skid Row), Jamie Oldaker (Eric Clapton, Frampton) and Larry Thompson (James Brown, Otis Redding).

Working in both music and film and video post-production, Tim has built a range of equipment to his service over the past 22 years. “On the music side, where most of the gear you see in our studio photos is used, we use preamps from Great River, Manley, SSL and of course Audient. I work exclusively in a Sequoia DAW and have had it since 2002 and we mix in the box.

“Our mixbus then leaves the computer and goes through our analog mix bus processing. Our analog mix bus contains Mytek converters feeding a Great River MAQ-2NV mastering equalizer, into a Manley Mastering Edition Variable Mu compressor with TBar Mod, into our modified MCI JH110B ¼ “tape recorder which has API 2520 OpAmps on inputs and outputs. outputs. We print on ¼ “ATR tape at 15IPS.

“On the film side, all our work is done inside Sequoia and we mix stereo and 5.1 surround. Tim points out that Eclectic Studio’s monitoring system begins with a professionally designed room: “The most important part. Stereo D / A conversion is everything
done by the Mytek converters feeding our Nero controller, which handles all of our different routing needs for the many different monitoring setups we have. Nero also handles the various Talkback and Talent Talkback tasks.

Tim likes to use Nero’s routing capabilities a little differently. “We basically use the Nero as a seven output monitor controller with multiple inputs. We have the normal stereo signal from the Main Mytec D / A feeding our Neumann monitoring, as well as our midfield sector, it also feeds our Crimson Audio headphone amplifier and some Bose computer speakers. The Nero also sends our Talkback mic signal to various places where we need it. We also have our Talent Talkback mic from the concert hall entering on a different input and exiting to a separate set of speakers on their own volume control via HP out 2. ”Interesting!

Customers come from all over the world to work with him. “I had a label in Seoul, South Korea, which asked an artist to work with me to record the vocals, then have me mix and master the project. They brought in the voice producer from New York and the producer from Canada. His long list of glowing testimonials says it all.

Tim just finished working on Byron Nemeth’s new single “You Know It’s True” (see this video showing part of the production as it unfolded).

He also just finished mixing the new album Walk Alone by pop / rock group CK Baker Band. For a full list of Tim’s filmography, head over to his IMDb page where the latest films he has worked on will be added as they are released.

Despite recent challenges for the music industry as a whole, Tim is happy – and extremely grateful – to announce that 2021 has been his “biggest year yet.”

January 10, 2022