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More Than Music: Robot Mama Performances Bring Sound and Art Together

Live music is back in venues around Toledo, with a variety of different acts. Local psychedelic band Robot Mama are excited to show you what they can do. Blending visual art with their music, a live performance by Robot Mama is unlike any other.

Playing together since 2018 and working together in anticipation of performing live again, fans are seeing them in person again – they performed at the Agnes Reynolds Jackson Arboretum for the Old West End Festival.

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The band consists of Paul Matthews on synth and vocals, Kevin Haberkamp on guitar, Chris Rees on drums and Jason Okonski on bass. Matthews has been in various bands for years: “I’ve been playing since I was 15 and I’m 50 now. Also, Kevin and I have played in a band before.

With these years of experience, Matthews and Robot Mama seek to put on a unique show. “We have songs that are about two minutes long and some that are twenty minutes long,” Matthews said. “Plus, we have a whole light show that accompanies our performance. When we started the band, we knew we wanted art to be part of our performances.

“We’re not like a traditional bar band,” he added. “Because of that, we tend to host our own shows.”

According to Matthews, Robot Mama sounds like “if Echo And The Bunnymen, The Minutemen and Jane’s Addiction had a child” – psychedelic tunes with a punk twist and 80s synth mixed in.

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Robot Mama only performs a few times a year, but “it’s a lot for us” due to the complexity of the show, Matthews said. The show at the Old West End Festival was a throwback to an old band favorite. Matthews and Haberkamp have performed at the Festival in the past, and they were happy to perform again this year. “Kevin and I were just arriving and asking the Festival organizers, ‘Can we play?'”

“We played on the porch of a house in 2019. We were excited to play at the arboretum this year because of the number of people going there. We think Robot Mama is a perfect fit for the event.

In addition to their live performances, later this year, Robot Mama is also looking to release an album.

“We put together our album during the pandemic, recorded a bunch of songs and refined them at the Stone Soup Recording Studio. Our performance there in February (available on facebook) was just awesome, and this is the best way to check us out if you’re interested.”

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