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Moodring announce their debut album “Stargazer”

MOODRING announced their debut album!

Title star gazerthe Florida-based alternative metal band’s next album is their debut album and is set to be released in June of this year, via UNFD.

“We were excited to explore deeper themes and different aspects of our band throughout the entirety,” share singer Hunter Youngwho co-produced the first album in his home studio, The sound of the swampsalongside a colleague Austin Coupe. “The album delves into our pool of influences unashamedly but resurfaces as an entity in its own right. Each song was written with personal meaning and multiple themes, while remaining ambiguous and open enough for listeners to relate identify in their own way.

Along with the debut album announcement, the band released a new music video for a new song taken from the upcoming debut album; SYNC.wav. The new single is the third song to be released from the upcoming debut album, after To squeeze and Disintegrate.

Speaking of the new song, Hunter adds, “the intention of SYNC.wav was to create something that was overtly erotic but spoke through one of the most overwhelming and heavy sides of the album. It describes the moment you start to fall in love with someone or something, the intoxicating romantic aura of it all. But on the other hand, it also addresses a human tendency to drown in that same romance. It’s about losing yourself completely, for better or for worse. The title itself highlights this inherent ambiguity, with opposing meanings stemming from the one word that is repeated throughout – “flow” or “synchronize”. Despite the overt sexual references on the surface, at their core, the lyrics address two different things that too often collide: romance and addiction. Addicted to love, addicted to sex, addicted to the present moment.

Watch the official SYNC.wav music video here:

You can also see the track list and artwork for the upcoming debut album below:

List of tracks:

  1. How to leave without pain
  2. Disintegrate
  3. To squeeze
  4. Red light gossip
  5. Peel
  6. stargazer
  7. NIKE
  8. SYNC.wav
  9. Head in the clouds
  10. Novocaine Bone

Stargazer is slated for release on June 10 via UNFD. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

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