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LVNDR.SOUND teams up with Eric Benny Bloom for a funky single, “Virtual One”

LVNDR.SOUND is an electronic trio based in Denver, Colorado, created by Josh Fairman (Sunsquabi), Geoff Bremer and Jay.Greens (Perception Records). The band is known for fusing a variety of styles including future bass, electro soul, house and nu-age funk. LVNDR.SOUND recently released their debut single “Nebula,” with a completed full album set to be released later this year. Their electrifying live performances feature high-energy live improvisation alongside carefully crafted soundscapes and heavy, driving dance-focused grooves that create energy and vibe for all to enjoy.

Eric Benny Bloom is the trumpeter of the Grammy-nominated funk band Lettuce. He recently moved to Denver after living in New Orleans where he also won a Grammy for performing with New Orleans piano legend Jon Cleary. Throughout his professional career, Eric has toured North America, Europe, Australia and Asia with artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Ziggy & Stephen Marley, Bootsy Collins, Solange, Kool & The Gang , Pretty Lights, Chance the Rapper, Dave Chapelle. , to name a few. He has also appeared on the Today Show, the David Letterman Show and the Conan O’Brien Show. Overall, his career is nothing short of spectacular.

Now, the two artists have reunited for their funky new single, “Virtual One,” which is utterly irresistible. LVNDR.SOUND lays the groundwork with a lush synth arrangement accompanied by a tight beat and groovy lo-fi melodies that float all around the soundscape. Bloom’s trumpet playing is flawless as always, delivering bright and tantalizing horn rhythms found throughout.

“Jay.Greens is not only a great producer and multi-instrumentalist; he’s also a great writer and a breeze to work with in the studio. He really lets the artists contribute without judgment and I had a great time working on “Virtual One” with him and the LVNDR.SOUND team. Virtual One is a hot track because he and his co-producers in LVNDR.SOUND: Geoff Bremer and Joshua Fairman keep it minimal, yet danceable and fresh. This song makes me imagine what it would be like to be in a Brazilian nightclub at 3am with the love of my life that I met an hour before. They gave me plenty of space to do my trumpet thing, so I was able to really leave at the end, which was great. Stay tuned for more music from this band and the entire team at Perception Records.”- Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom

Listen below!