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L’Jarius Sneed doesn’t seem worried about Tyreek trade or AFC West

If L’Jarius Sneed is representative of the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs, the team should still emerge confident in 2022 despite recent changes.

There isn’t a single member of Chiefs Kingdom who would have scripted the team’s offseason to go the way it did. In fact, most Kansas City Chiefs fans would probably have written something completely opposite to what the team did. The end result was a shaken confidence for many when it comes to discussing the team’s ability to maintain such dominance in the AFC West and chase another Super Bowl.

The cloud of confusion surrounding the Chiefs’ chances in 2022 is understandable. After all, the team had feasted on opponents for years as an offensive juggernaut with three mainstays, and the Chiefs traded one of those for a slew of draft picks as part of the agreement with Tyreek Hill. Just like that, the team’s offensive identity has been changed into a team where the defense has no identity at all.

Beyond that, the rest of AFC West decided to go all-in during the same offseason. The Denver Broncos have found a quarterback. The Los Angeles Chargers have spent a lot of money on defensive additions. Even the Las Vegas Raiders traded arguably the game’s best wide and signed one of the best passers in the league.

Overall, KC’s confidence index is not what it was a few months ago. Don’t tell Chiefs cornerback L’Jarius Sneed.

Sneed recently appeared on Hello, Soccer on the NFL Network from his home in Dallas, Texas, for a short interview that captivated fans on Sneed’s take on the Chiefs’ changes. Overall, Sneed looked like a man who trusts the team leadership to do the right thing and the Chiefs to keep doing what they’ve been doing for years.

“That Tyreek and Patrick Mahomes connection was pretty special, but as you know Andy Reid has something up his sleeves. I know Patrick Mahomes and the guy they’re bringing are going to come together and build the empire…” Sneed said when asked about the Miami deal.

Even when pressured by AFC West upgrades, Sneed was always all smiles. He said: “Coach Spags, with the mentality he has, it won’t change much. They can keep building and keep going. We will continue to do what we are doing on our side. Just manage our affairs. We’re not worried about the other side though.

The Chiefs could miss a perennial All-Pro via trade and miss almost any impact free agents in positions of need, but Sneed believes in the central figures at work here: Mahomes and Andy Reid. He also knows that the offseason is far from over and that the final roster that will start the season is taking shape over time. All Sneed can do is do his best work on the pitch when it counts, and worrying about things beyond his control won’t get him anywhere.

Plus, regardless of the changes, the Chiefs have won the division six straight years at this point, so they’ve already been around this block. In this way, Sneed looks more like a savvy veteran than a promising young player just two years into his career.