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Liverpool Sound City’s Rip It Up 2022 program announces course mentors from Meta, AWAL and more


After its exciting launch in January, Rip It Up (Remixed) today adds even more names to the already esteemed and illustrious list of confirmed speakers and course mentors for the 2022 edition.

After a groundbreaking inaugural year, Rip It Up – the curated, bespoke scholarship program that provides a platform and direction for the next generation of Black, Asian and diverse talent to make their mark on the music industry in months and years to come – launched its second iteration: Rip It Up (Remixed) earlier this year.

Now Vanessa Bakewell (Meta), Ben Wynter (AIM), Jane Kinnaird (Meta), Gemma Farrington (Sentric) and Phil Loutsis (AWAL) will be on hand to offer invaluable music industry advice to the 10 successful nominees. This year. – encompassing elevation program.

After graduating from LIPA (Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts), Vanessa Bakewell, Global Client Partner for Music, Audio and Film at Meta, has crafted an enviable career path working with some of the biggest companies in music media, including EMAP (now Bauer Media), Google and YouTube, before beginning his role at Meta.

Meta’s Vanessa Bakewell said:

“It is an honor to be invited to share my advice with the successful applicants of this year’s Rip It Up (Remixed) initiative as we strive to create a more equitable and inclusive music industry landscape. “

Ben Wynter, AIM’s Head of Entrepreneurship and Outreach, will also be on hand to share valuable tips with successful Rip It Up (Remixed) applicants. On a daily basis, Ben helps music entrepreneurs and rights holders navigate the music and media ecosystem to maximize the potential of the rights they own. As co-founder of PRS’ Power Up! initiative (designed to end anti-black racism and create a fairer and more equitable music industry in the UK), he has a keen understanding of the importance of uplifting programs such as Rip It Up.

Working as Meta’s creative strategist, Jane Kinnaird is an award-winning conceptual digital creative director whose previous brand clients include massive names like Microsoft, SONY, American Express and Manchester United. Kinnaird will be on board to offer extremely helpful advice on how to create, nurture and grow winning social strategies in the increasingly fast digital age for successful candidates.

Gemma Farrington, Sync Executive at Sentric, is also announced as a speaker today and can help navigate the Rip It Up class of 2022 through all things publishing.

Liverpool Sound City - Tear It Up

Gemma Farrington of Sentric said:

“I’m so excited to be a part of Rip It Up! Music is a key and highly consumed part of our culture and therefore it is very important that there is inclusion and representation throughout the music industry. It is clear that not everyone is created equal and therefore we need initiatives such as Rip It Up to create opportunities and reduce these barriers.

And joining them is Phil Loutsis, vice president of community support at AWAL. Working in the business since 2011, Phil is well versed in the tools and support needed to help grow the AWAL artists and labels that make up the wider AWAL community. The company offers unsigned artists a comprehensive service including global distribution, release management marketing and A&R, making Loutsis an invaluable point of call for candidates selected by Rip It Up (Remixed).

AWAL’s Phil Loutsis said:

“Music is about telling stories and it’s best that the industry is the infrastructure that nurtures those storytellers and helps them grow an audience. It is essential that the music industry be led by people who reflect both the diversity of creators and the diversity of the audiences we serve. This kind of initiative at Rip It Up (Remixed) will move the needle.

Liverpool Sound City - Tear It Up

Welcoming a new generation of creatives and talent to the music industry, Rip It Up began in 2021 in response to the growing disparity of racial equality within the music industry. Not only addressing and confronting this head-on, its program spanned 10 weeks of educational insights from a wide range of modern pioneers shaping the music industry of the future, but also providing the opportunity to elevate their work. and their career through paid internships, scholarships and support. Helping to guide its burgeoning first class of creatives, Rip It Up returns this year to help support another vital generation of exciting new talent.

In 2021, Rip It Up has helped spark tangible change within the music industry – successful applicants putting their skills and expertise following the program into internships within music journalism, music management and artists and industry bodies alongside artists securing recording deals with famous independent labels such as Lab Records. Equipped with a better understanding of the frameworks that exist within the music industry in 2021 and beyond, its impact is already being felt – with 2022 promising a new class of exciting new talent ready to strike out on their own. creative journeys and breaking down the long-lasting barriers of entry for an entire generation of aspiring Black, Asian and diverse creatives.

Liverpool Sound City - Tear It Up

An array of artists, industry figureheads and experts who lend their expertise to Rip It Up are all looking to give back to a new generation of music industry talent. From keynote speaker sessions to mentoring, discussion ideas and mentoring – this generation of individuals will invest in the future in their own way throughout the program.

Led by course director and longtime industry innovator Yaw Owusu (Executive Director of THE PLAYMAKER GROUP and extensively involved in the PRS Foundation/Power Up), talent from all corners of the industry will offer their insights. view.

Liverpool Sound City - Tear It Up

From Kadeem France, frontman of one of the UK’s most invigorating new rock bands, Loathe, Lily Fontaine (singer of the much-loved alternative newcomer English Teacher), Ellie Best (RCA Records), Liam James Ward (manager general of Something Something Social), Elli Brazzill (music editor at Napster) and Mike Cave (mixing and mastering engineer who has previously worked with Lewis Capaldi, The Lathums and Camelphat) to name a few – Rip It Up promises to continue its undeniable legacy as one of the first direct-to-drive programs that call for greater opportunities and platforms for young Black, Asian and diverse talent to take that step in an industry clamoring for more diversity and inclusion.

The growing disparity of racial equality within the music industry remains a vital issue, which must be confronted and addressed not just with words but with actions. With Rip It Up (Remixed), the teams from Sound City, sm-mgmt, Youth Music, CAPLL LTD and many more have come together for a direct program encouraging and pushing change – offering 10 significant scholarships that provide the framework for perfect development for young talent to emerge and enter the music industry.

Liverpool Sound City - Tear It Up

The combination of an eight-session educational program covering a series of vital areas within today’s music industry (campaigning strategies, advertising, recording/production, music distribution, management and more) with an extensive hands-on product – Rip It Up (Remixed) will provide the setting and opportunity for young creatives to immerse themselves in a rich knowledge of the industry they wish to enter. 10 selected candidates will receive significant support from the start of the program, with a financial grant helping them in their studies – with the sole aim of discovering and providing opportunities for talents from different communities and backgrounds the same chance to engage and to thrive within the eclectic musical universe.

Liverpool Sound City - Tear It Up

Applications for Rip It Up (Remixed) are now open to young people aged 18-25 across the North West, and new for 2022 – expanded to include applicants from Yorkshire, the Midlands and East England. ‘England. These applications are separated into two parts:

5 of the 10 scholarships will be focused on the artists themselves – the practical element incorporating work experience in a recording studio alongside an engineer being covered under the Rip It Up program.
The remaining 5 places will be geared towards industry candidates, with the practical element incorporating a paid work placement within a professional workplace in the industry sector they wish to enter.

The 10 successful participants of Rip It Up (Remixed) will receive a dedicated mentor to help them through regular meetings and discussions, with monthly updates continuing after the program to help them find other jobs and catch up on their behind in the industry.

To apply for Rip It Up, click here.

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