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LISTEN: Two thrilling and adventurous new tracks from Sløtface – News

A new chapter for Slotface begins with the news that the band is now Haley Shea’s only creative outlet, with Lasse and Tor-Arne leaving to focus on new passions.

But that also means brand new music is also here.

This comes in the form of a simple double A-side.

The main track is ‘Beta’, a song written in collaboration between Haley and producer Mikhael Paskalev

The result is a slick, intriguing and infectious piece of alt-pop wonder.

Haley had this to say about it:

“‘Beta’ was the very first song Mikhael and I worked on together in his studio. You have to listen to it wearing sunglasses, even on a cloudy day!

“The song is about wanting to connect with people on a deeper level, but sometimes I feel like social media gets in the way, with things getting a little daunting and superficial and superficial. The song is a confidence booster for myself where I try to be cooler than me It was written at a time when I really, really missed the rush of playing live and needed to find some of that spark and that advantage in me that really only comes out on stage.

It’s here:

And then there’s ‘Come Hell Or Whatever’, which continues the trend and builds on it beautifully with erratic drum patterns.

It’s here: