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Like the Pacific: dark clouds and silver linings

It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 arrived and conquered us like a bat out of hell. Sometimes it feels like every man and his dog is talking about it. The world may be on fire, but for the first time in decades, society is united in our common struggles. Of course, we can’t go to shows and sing with all our heart. But our favorite bands are releasing some of their best music thanks to the extra time the pandemic has given them. For LIKE THE PACIFIC, It’s been a black cloud and silver lining situation. For one, their touring plans were cut short and they had to stay apart from each other. On the other hand, repeated confinements have led to repeated reflections and Control my mental healtha record they did not quite expect.

“With all the lockdowns happening in Toronto, it was in the air at all times. One day we had four people in the studio, the next day it’s confinement, ”explains the singer Jordan Black, thinking back to the past two years while sipping her second coffee of the day. “It was incredibly difficult to do, and all communication was just voice notes on iPhones and obviously everyone has different lives – some of us were working, some weren’t – and it was everywhere .”

Like the world around them, LIKE THE PACIFIC – completed by the bassist Brad Garciadrummer taylor Ewartand guitarists Greg room and Luke Holmes – ran around like headless chickens. As everyone was scattered across Toronto and writer’s block reared its ugly head, the pandemic threatened to strangle their plans. Instead of giving up, they persevered.

“Writing this record was the only thing that kept us going, but it was really weird to do. The first two months I was so creatively stuck, and all I had to do was doing nothing, like I just had free time, so I had to work,” he recalls, still looking back with a sense of uncertainty. “Once I started feeling better about of everything and I wasn’t so confused and shitty anymore, it was a little easier and I finally realized what I wanted to write about.”

And once Jordan set off, Control my mental health fell into place like pieces of a puzzle. The world works in a weird way, so much so that the first song that felt like it had something later became its title track. “I showed Control my mental health, the song, to a couple of friends and we were all like ‘this is it’, like that’s the identity of the album and we just rolled with it,” he smiles shyly, one lots of down-to-earth moments. “When we think about album names, it comes off the tongue very easily, like I love a good tattoo line, like three words or whatever and it’s not super predictable.”

Jordan may seem subtle and shy on the surface, but dig a little deeper and Control my mental health means a lot more than you think for the leader. After spending time battling depression and taking anti-depressants, the title track and the album it contains capture a fragile state of mind oscillating between emotions.

“It’s a mix between your brain working on different wavelengths, because now you’re on a drug that’s supposed to help you, but it’s not really, and then on top of that, you have someone who is manipulating you,” he said. opens, a rare moment when his cards aren’t kept so close to his chest. “Control my mental healthif anything, am i trapped in my own head while my brain is suffering from someone else’s terrible life.

And with the world suddenly fading before their eyes, it’s been a terrible time for too many of us. And through it LIKE THE PACIFIC have found a commonality with the world in Control my mental health. Isolation, it seems, can bring us closer together.

“Isolation is a big theme on this record, like it’s kind of funny that everything is like this because of the pandemic, but for the most part I was isolated in my own head. Like, I had these thoughts who were really motivated like “this is a problem, and I’m upset, what do I do” and then there were days where I was like “I’m upset, there’s no way to fix that sort of thing.

It is a constant state of flux that we can all identify with. It’s this open vulnerability that elevates their pop-punk to anthemic levels. And that’s something LIKE THE PACIFIC know – they know that listeners will find themselves through these songs and that’s something they accept. “I think with this record, if anything, it’s going to be easier to understand because everyone’s going through the exact same thing,” he laughs, pausing to think before adding, “j hope people can interpret the songs the way they want to interpret them, or feel comfortable with them, because i wrote the song for me, i didn’t write it for someone else, but I want it translated well so that someone can interpret it in their own way.

While the pandemic has given them pain, it has also given them time to create an album that does more than give firecrackers to the world. In Control my mental health, LIKE THE PACIFIC channel their frustrations into a collection that captures what the world is going through, giving us all the opportunity to not feel so bad about feeling bad.

Control My Sanity is available now through Pure Noise Records.

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