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I can’t kill the spirit of Ukrainian youth

Russian President Vladimir Putin has united the political parties within Ukraine, united the EU and the entire democratic world. He turned computer scientists and housewives into soldiers, and made himself the enemy of a neighbor whose people have a lot in common. Internationally, a volunteer militia, mostly unconnected to Ukraine, has volunteered to travel to Ukraine and help them fight for freedom.

It does not matter if Russia conquers Ukraine militarily – its spirit will never be conquered. The youngest who flee to other countries will never forget. Even if they lose, it could take years or decades for the Ukrainian people to get their country back, but they will.

Young people around the world have more in common with each other than they have with those of their parents’ generation. The wide use of English and technology has created a more homogeneous, tolerant and interconnected “youth world”. The multiple channels of information available today make it difficult for dictatorships to control information and create biased perspectives on world events.

Dreams of some sort of expansionist vision of aging dinosaurs like Putin have no appeal to the educated and rising youth of this modern world.

Calvin Yost, Turlock

Be serious about winning

It has been pleasantly surprising to see the support that the world and especially the United States give to the Ukrainian people, but it is typical of American policy to play war instead of fighting to win as we have not succeeded to do so since the end of the Second World War. Shame on you, President Biden and the rest of our past presidents, starting with President Truman’s failure in Korea. It is time to show our full support for Ukraine, its people and the peoples of Europe.

The United States is withdrawing an entire fleet of A-10 Thunder Bolt attack aircraft. Send them and the necessary ammunition to the Ukrainian Air Force. Their pilots have already been trained in their use and the Russian attackers are currently ready to meet their fate.

Our policy and that of NATO must be to finally win the war, not to settle for another compromise and to say once and for all to Russia “Not under our watch”.

Larry Dovichi, Modesto

It’s not Trump’s fault

To all of you who write the “I hate Donald Trump” letters, maybe you should pull out a stack of copies and share them because they’re all the same. You get a blister on your toe and it’s Donald Trump’s fault. Meanwhile, American workers are watching this administration beg OPEC, Iran and Venezuela for more oil. I do not wrongly claim to be brilliant but I see that this crisis is stupid. And that (hurts) the honorable American worker.

Richard Oliver, Modest

In praise of Pence

It’s hard to say anything nice about Republican leadership these days, but former Vice President Mike Pence helped save the free world from global communist domination.

If Pence hadn’t stood up to Trump’s big lie, Trump could have illegally become president. With Trump being Russian President Putin’s puppet, Trump would have left NATO, leaving Putin free to take over a divided and besieged Europe by force. China would then be emboldened to invade Taiwan because the free world lacked a real leader. The United States would collapse under Trump and Communism could have taken over the world.

So thank you Mike Pence for being a man of honor when the world needed him. Now the free world has a chance to survive the future.

May peace and freedom always be present in the minds of humanity.

Danny Dean, Manteca

Dirkse deserves to be re-elected

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our sheriff, Jeff Dirkse. Sheriff Dirkse has served each of our Stanislaus communities with a well-defined hands-on approach. The people he serves, all of us, are very important to him. Sheriff Dirkse always made sure he was available to each of us, ready to meet any needs we might have. Each community has different needs. Sheriff Dirkse and his department make every community their priority.

I am fortunate to live in a community that is served and protected by Sheriff Dirkse and his department. I had the opportunity to meet with several of our employees from the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department; without exception and regardless of rank or position, everyone was very knowledgeable, very friendly, very caring and extremely well trained. We are in good hands.

Thank you Sheriff Dirkse for your strong leadership. My family and I are honored to vote for you in the upcoming elections.

Winnie Mullins, House of the Valley

Let’s talk straight about climate change

Did you notice:

  • Are the frequency and severity of bizarre, destructive and deadly weather events – including wildfires, floods, droughts, wind damage and heat waves – increasing rapidly?
  • Are the rates of animal extinction, destruction of coral reefs, sea level rise and melting glaciers accelerating?
  • Are adverse human health effects such as allergies and asthma increasing?

Are you aware:

  • atmospheric CO2 increased by 47% and that the earth has warmed up by 2 degrees since the start of the industrial revolution?
  • 98% of climatologists agree that human activities are responsible?
  • Will the impacts of COVID be overshadowed by those caused by climate change?

Unlike most crises that can be remedied in a few years, the climate response to fixes will take decades, with widespread suffering increasing with every day lost. Climate change has been wrongly politicized, but there is bipartisan support for carbon tax and dividend legislation. Pass it and improve climate education now.

For civilization to endure, society must act rationally. Our irrational response to climate change will lead to food and resource shortages that will culminate in the loss of civility. Humanity must unite now in a proactive effort to phase out fossil fuels and enable our grandchildren to live quality lives.

For more information, visit:

Steven Murov, Hughson

Good call to the dance troupe

Congratulations to the Gallo Center for booking New York dance company Ailey II. The performance was thrilling, inspiring, magical and memorable. Guests were invited to a pre-show with Ailey II’s Artistic Director who was informative and set the stage for the evening.

I hope Center Gallo will continue to bring more dance companies to our beautiful venue.

Kaye Osborn, Modesto

Tribute to the legend of Lizard Land

I write in memory of my son-in-law, Barry Sinervo, professor of evolutionary biology at UC Santa Cruz, who passed away on March 15, 2021.

For 30 years he drove from Santa Cruz to a remote stretch of land near Los Banos to study lizards. His groundbreaking research at Lizard Land led to his discoveries on the impact of climate change and a series of influential publications. He became the leader of an international team of biologists who studied lizard populations. These scientists discovered a pattern of population extinctions linked to climate change.

Donn Campion owns the property next to Lizard Land and Barry also studied at his Agua Fria Ranch. Campion said Barry has identified many endangered species on his land as well as all the properties around Lizard Land. “It was my privilege to have known him. He had the joy of living, his family and his work. His enthusiasm was contagious.

Barry continued his work to educate the public about the urgency of the growing climate catastrophe until the end. He died aged 60 after a six-year battle with a rare form of cancer.

VJ Vogelzang, Modesto

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