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LATFOB 2022 Presents Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites

Who run the world? GIRLS!… in the world of a male-dominated society

“A poetic guide to choosing an authentic life in a global context of injustice. The insistent rhythm of speech…”

— Self-publishing review.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 15, 2022 / — Author Amy Jean teams up with illustrator Eric Savage to create a quirky yet open-minded artistic masterpiece titled Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites. The book contains 33 poems with illustrations that uncover the experience of playing the role of a woman, and what is projected into that role as the author experiences suffering and connects her acting experience to the reality of living a life. reliable.


She shares personal trials, tribulations and contemplation in a fiery rhythmic chime. Women’s struggle for recognition in a male-dominated society is boldly depicted in a style of militant poetry. This collection ignites on historical missteps that we usually ignore.

“In sum, those looking for ‘I am a woman, hear me roar’ type poetry can appreciate the brashness of this collection. However, those looking for poetic mastery, with fresh imagery and more unusual approaches to male-female dynamics will want to look elsewhere. — Examination of blue ink.

“Beautifully written poetry. Amy Jean eloquently describes her struggle to expose the systematic repression of women throughout time. And how the world would be a different place if a woman was in charge. She suffered in life and in love. This suffering added to the emotional intensity of her book of poems. – Comment from an Amazon customer.

Amy Jean is a mother, memoirist, poet, author, and entrepreneur with a powerful story that shines a light on unknown universal truths. It builds on the foundations as it began in its first book “The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1, with the release of Volume 2: Passion’s Fire”. Eric Savage has enjoyed an extensive career as an award-winning graphic designer, photographer, advertising creative director, and corporate marketing manager, but his love has always been illustration. From cartoons and sketches to paintings of imaginary worlds, he enjoys helping readers build on the words the author has so carefully crafted. Eric works out of his rural Savage Creative Studio in the Pacific Northwest.

Step Aside Terrorize Sound Bits
Written by: Amy Jean (Author) and Eric Savage (Illustrator)
Paperback |

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