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Latest Pixel Buds Pro firmware update will bring better sound quality – Phandroid

For those who have felt that the audio quality in the pixel Buds Pro was a bit lacking and think it could do with an upgrade, so you’re in luck. Instead of waiting for Google to release a new model with better audio quality, Google released a new firmware update for the wireless headphones.

In this update, Google will finally bring their promised 5-band equalizer that they mentioned when they launched the headphones. This will give users more control over the sound of their headphones, where they can now make adjustments across five frequency bands – Upper Treble, Treble, Mid, Bass, Low Bass.

For those who don’t know how to adjust an equalizer or can’t bother to make those manual adjustments themselves, don’t worry because Google will also include six different presets that have apparently been tweaked by the sound engineers at Google, so you have a choice of Default, Heavy Bass, Light Bass, Balanced, Vocal Boost, and Clarity, depending on what you’re listening to.

These equalizer adjustments and presets will be saved on your Pixel Buds themselves, which means that if you use the headphones between multiple devices like your phone, tablet and computer, the equalizer and presets will remain the same as those that you defined earlier. The update should be rolling out as we speak, so keep an eye out for it.

Source: 9to5Google