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Lamb of God: the cries of the crow

The definition of an omen is an event that is considered to prophesy good or bad fortune. Typically, the word comes with negative connotations. Take the crow for example. Legend has it that the whole kingdom of England will fall if the crows residing in Tower of London are never deleted. These birds also congregated at the gallows during public executions, earning them their symbolism of doom. This same nickname as a harbinger of tragic news is passed on to many other cultures. Yet birds represent reflection, prophecy, and act as mediums between the living and the spirit world in other ancient texts or mythologies. If our opening bet with Randy Blythe of LAMB OF GOD is something to pass, the ideas are not entirely bad.

Instead of talking directly about the band’s ninth studio album, Excited shares the great wisdom imparted to him by Jamey Jasta [HATEBREED] on the subject of underwear. “It’s like you have to have the boxer briefs with the backing,” Excited begins with a gruff impression of Jasta then explains the jump around those of him and James‘s ilk on stage have a detrimental effect on a particular body part, “I don’t want the 70-year-old man’s balls, so I have to wear the boxer shorts – the tightest ones. It’s like a bra- sports throat for my nuts.

Our attention soon turns to the next omens. album opener Never again dubs Odin’s ominous allegory of birds as Excited bellows”you hear the crows cryover rolling groove metal riffs. Maybe a reference Edgar Allen Poeit is The crow, Never again breeds omens‘world of contempt for a society that seeks to persecute and invalidate. This contempt is woven throughout the record, a reactionary tapestry of current events. The resulting sequence of omens is aggressive, close and oppressive from the opening chord to the closing growl.

While asking Excited what fans can expect from this album however, it seems that interpretation reigns supreme. “One of the greatest things about music is that yeah, it’s LAMB OF GODThe music for , we wrote it, but when we release it, it becomes everyone’s music,” he clarifies, delving into the theme of the individual internalization of music. Music fans will interpret things differently, much like the cultural representation of the crow. There’s no really correct way to take a LAMB OF GOD song like Excited keep saying. “Someone’s interpretation of a song I wrote, if it means anything to them, it’s just as valuable, maybe more, than what I write for myself. If I write a song about talking to you but someone else hears it and remembers their grandma? It is just as valid and just as important.

The interpretation is fluid. The process is not, although it can change. The sequel to LAMB OF GODit is self-titled effort (2020) has triggered a sort of new world order. Rather than having each part separately and surgically recorded, the band decided to switch tactics and record live. “I hate recording albums” Excited admits to our surprise. Just like the current tour companion Jesse Leach [KILLSWITCH ENGAGE], Excited much prefer touring and the exchange of energy not only between the band and the audience but also through the band itself. So much so that the singer could not hide his joy when the producer Josh Wilbour broached the idea following the production of the self-titled album. “There’s an energy and a flow that happens when you play together. It just doesn’t happen when you’re playing on a click track and the music is in your headphones,” he divulges. “It’s very sterile for me and I’m not the sterile type.”

This resulting version of LAMB OF GOD straight out of omens‘gates a much tighter unit. Whether it be Mark Mortonthe tight riffs of At the grave or the frenetic energy between John Campbell [bass] and Art Cruz [drums] which forms Opt-out mechanismunyielding hardcore roots this is arguably the fiercest LAMB OF GOD from Sacrament (2006). The renewal of the organic links of a group formed for 27 years has been the perfect bulwark against certain dissatisfactions of Excited‘s to materialize. “I should still be touring right now on the self-titled record,” comes with a slightly sad laugh. “Almost my entire adult life, the process has been to write an album, record an album, go on tour. We wrote, recorded a record, released a record, and then we just sat there. L hurdle of not being able to shoot an album due to a pandemic prompted Morton and Willie Adler [guitars] suggest starting the process again. Certainly earlier than Excited anticipated, omens is entirely a product of its time. The album is full of exasperation and searing hatred towards the injustices towards a world in its unprecedented time.

Through LAMB OF GOD, the dominant energy was one of ruthless aggression. With roots in punk rock, vitriol in Excitedthe delivery of was synonymous with LAMB OF GOD. We’re interested to hear how the group has maintained its relentless nature as it nears its 30th year. “There is a very clear gap between my music and my everyday life”, Excited begins as he talks about his passion for surfing and photography. He goes on to quote LAMB OF GOD like the place to go about the things in the world that bother him, but eventually age caused him to mellow. “It’s harder to maintain it as I get older because I don’t want to be angry. I try to compartmentalize that aspect of my personality as much as possible to put it into the music.

As the omens tour with KILLSWITCH COMMITMENT and a host of opening bands are looming for our current society, the realization comes that LAMB OF GOD now have two disks to spin on. The idea of ​​shooting two albums in tandem may scare some people off, but the man sitting across from us exudes something close to serenity in this regard. “I’m under contract for my second book and I got a deadline extension. I feel a lot of pressure because of this,” Excited confess. “It’s not fair to say that I don’t feel any pressure when it comes to the group, it’s just different pressure. What we have in LAMB OF GOD is that we are extremely hard on ourselves when we write music. We just want to write music that we’re happy with – it makes five guys happy.

What we are reminded of during our conversation is the true depth of Randy Blythe. Not only is he a wonderful conversationalist and an utterly engaging storyteller, as he regales us with opening memories for KILLER to Astoria in 2003, but it is also a source of wisdom. From incredible lyricism to emotional charge dark days, he is a really shrewd man. Just like the symbolic crow. “LAMB OF GOD showed me the world and educated me about myself in ways I never imagined,” Excited thinks as our time goes by. “I’m grateful for everything this group, and this life, has given me. The good and the bad.”

Omens is available now through Nuclear Blast Records.

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