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La Fiebre presents a classic sound with ‘Juntito A Ti’ from the Latin GRAMMY nominated album ‘Histórico’ – Tejano Nation

Courtesy of Freddie Records

“Juntito A Ti” is the latest release from the supergroup Tejano Fever from their Latin GRAMMY nominated album Historical from Freddie Records.

The upbeat Tejano-style ranchera was written by Joe Reveal and produced by Mariano Herrera. The song, recorded at the famous Legends Sound Studios in Corpus Christi, Texas features La Fiebre’s instantly recognizable classic rhythm and horn section with plenty of flavorful accordion fills.

La Fiebre consists of original founding members Rudy Rocha (guitars, backing vocals), Luis Ayala (trumpet, saxophone, keyboards, backing vocals), and Joe Angel Reynosa (bass, backing vocals). The group also includes J Angel Cantu (main voice), Julien Gonzalez (accordion, keyboards), Jonas Flores (trumpet) and Joe Lara (drums, percussion).

“Juntito A Ti” is another outstanding track from Historical sure to please fans of La Fiebre’s classic Tejano Rock sound. Historica is available on all digital music platforms and at

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