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Kormac (ft. Loah) – Carry Weight (Radio Edit) – Always The Sound

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With his new eight-track album, acclaimed Irish artist Kormac has delivered an ambitious, fully realized electronic project with a host of outstanding collaborations..

Kormac is Dublin’s songwriter, producer, DJ and sound adventurer. In a career that spans more than 15 years, two albums, hundreds of live shows worldwide, and major soundtracks for television and film, he has honed his craft, transforming organic sounds into big screen electronics and working alongside a plethora of highly respected artists across a range of mediums.

After nearly a decade of hiatus from album release, this year Kormac unveils its latest album, Equivalent exchange: a real creative effort with a collection of Spatial audio mixes, 3 animated shorts in production made in 4D Cinema & Octane, Unreal Engine and Blender and artwork provided by an acclaimed street artist, Maser.

The album is the culmination of three years of work and has grown into a body of its own, featuring renowned star artists and the Irish chamber orchestra all helping to achieve by Kormac creative vision.

Across 40 minutes and eight unique and haunting tracks, the album explores its unique brand of electronica, employing an orchestra, an array of vocalists, rappers and leftist musicians creating a suite of music that is equally at home. comfortable on the dance floor than the big screen.

If there’s a single defining characteristic of Equivalent Exchange, it would be the sheer variety of styles, moods and techniques explored throughout its modest runtime, epic and explosive performance. ‘Opening waves full of powerful vocals from Jafaris to richly textured progressive electronica. tracks like Still the sound and New day feat. Jack O’Rourke. Deeply engaging and emotional from start to finish, Equivalent exchange is a rare album that manages to bring together a myriad of influences into one complete musical experience.

Kormac started out as a hip-hop scratch DJ and MPC beatmaker. Through its innovative use of live instruments and stunning AV setups in electronic/club environments and artist collaborations Irvine Welsh, DJ Yoda, Speech Debelle, Irish Chamber Orchestra, and many others, he has established himself as a groundbreaking, forward-thinking presence live and in the studio.

The first extract from Carry Weight. Loah will be released on October 14

Equivalent Exchange will be released on its new imprint, Always the Sound – a collaboration between Kormac, All City Records and CWB Management – ​​on November 11, with the vinyl edition ready to ship in January 2023.

List of tracks:

01. Waves (Feat. Jafaris)
02. Always Sound (feat. MayKay)
03. Carry Weight (Feat. Loah)
04. The Bottom of the Ocean (Feat. Loah, Jafaris)
05. You Will Stay
06. New Day [Album Version] (feat. Jack O’Rourke)
07. This Is Where We Are (Feat. Shahab & Shayan Coohe)
08. An equivalent exchange

Release date: November 11, 2022.