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Ke Huy Quan Returns To Iconic ‘Goonies’ Soundstage

Ke Huy Quan remembered his “Goonies Gang” this week with a sound stage journey that made one of the film’s most iconic scenes possible.

Quan, 51, once again set foot on stage 16 at the Warner Bros. studio. in Burbank, where alongside Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman and Sean Astin he played in the years 1985 The Goonies. Quan played fan-favorite Richard “Data” Wang in the film, based on a story by Steven Spielberg and directed by the legendary Richard Donner.

“First time back at Warner Bros.” scene 16 in 36 years. This scene is where we filmed the pirate ship scene in The Goonies“, Quan wrote on Instagram. “I became a little emotional because all my wonderful memories of my Goonies the gang came back in droves.”

Along with his heartfelt caption, Quan shared a photo of himself pointing to a sign posted outside the sound stage commemorating The Gooniesas well as several other iconic films that were filmed at 16, including Creation, ghost hunters, batman and robin and jurassic park. His post included an image of the massive (currently empty) soundstage, complete with huge ceiling lights, a side staircase, and a concrete floor. Quan also shared a “fun fact: ‘The floor in this scene opens up and drops 40 feet deep.’

The Goonies.
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Goonies went on to earn $125 million at the box office after its June 1985 release, as it became one of the 10 highest-grossing films of 1985. The film came a year after Quan’s breakout role in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doomwhere he played the beloved Short Round character for his first acting stint in Hollywood.

“They were so kind and humble and down to earth,” Quan recently told PEOPLE of his relationship with Ford and Spielberg. “Just loving people, human beings, who only treated each other with kindness. I have such fond memories of working on it. We spent three weeks in Sri Lanka. We were hanging out by the pool. Harrison taught me to swim.”

Of course, returning to the Warner Bros. studio. wasn’t Quan’s only taste of nostalgia this year. After starring in the fantasy film Everything everywhere all at once this year, Quan bumped into his old friend Harrison Ford at Disney’s D23 Expo for a 38-year-old reunion of sorts.

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“Love you, Indy,” Quan captioned an Instagram post of him kissing his former costar, who is reprising the role of Indiana Jones for the fifth film in the series, which hits theaters in June 2023.

Quan, who has not been confirmed for the follow-up film with Ford, was interviewed in a Reddit AMA earlier this year, by The audiovisual clubif he wanted to film another IndianaJones film. His answer: “YES! Absolutely more IndianaJones movies. Ha ha.”