Sound production

Japanese sound production in Tokyo chooses Matrox Monarch EDGE for remote productions

A full-service video production company, Tokyo Sound Production (TSP) provides video coverage of live entertainment and sporting events across Japan. In order to optimize resources and expand its live online streaming offering, the company needed a pair of encoders and decoders capable of carrying multiple channels of exceptional quality video over long distances to the Internet. using a VPN. With the adoption of the Matrox Monarch EDGE E4 encoder and D4 decoder, TSP was able to begin affordably produce high-quality remote productions for events across Japan and minimize on-site personnel presence.

Finding a Superior Multi-Channel Video Transport Solution
When TSP started streaming video over the internet using remote production in 2019, the company’s goal was to make more live event content easily accessible to viewers, as well as reduce the number of staff on space required for productions.

“As a pioneer in the video production industry, TSP aims to constantly improve the content we deliver and the way we produce it,” says Kengo Kaketa, Chief Digital Officer, Strategy and Sales Departments at TSP. “Once we discovered the Matrox Monarch EDGE pair of encoders and decoders, we knew the innovative devices would improve our workflow by allowing us to optimize everything from video quality to interactions with staff. “

After learning more about the Monarch EDGE encoder and decoder pair at Inter BEE, TSP knew the products would help the company achieve its goal of expanding its live web content offering. Monarch EDGE’s ability to securely transport multiple streams of HD video made it ideal for delivering broadcast-quality, multi-angle camera productions on the corporate web interface.

Improve efficiency through remote production
As TSP covers live events in various parts of Japan, a small team of cameramen and assistants usually visit the remote site. Four SDI cameras capture video of the 1080p event and send it directly to the Monarch EDGE E4 4: 2: 2 10-bit encoder on site. From there, the streams are sent via VPN using SRT or MPEG2-TS to the Monarch EDGE D4 decoder located in the TSP production studio in Tokyo. At the Tokyo studio, audio is added and the produced video is delivered to the TSP website. There, viewers can watch high-quality, multi-camera angles of their favorite live entertainment or sporting events in near real time.

Remote productions that stand out
The Monarch EDGE encoder and decoder pair has enabled TSP to cover more live events with a reduced staff and a simplified set of equipment. As a result, the company even intends to expand its offering soon to cater to corporate sector customers as well as provide interactive, multi-viewer live streams to the public.

“Matrox Monarch EDGE encoders and decoders have set us apart from our competition by giving us the means to cover more live events that viewers want to see,” says Kaketa. “Leveraging the REMI capabilities of Monarch EDGE has not only allowed us to create a visually stunning video, but also to protect our staff during the COVID-19 pandemic by limiting their travel and in-person interactions. “