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“It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but my flight was canceled by 5G”

Last night at 8:45 p.m., I decided to do one earlier. After all, I was up at five this morning for my long-awaited flight to New York.

I had passed my Fit to Fly Covid test by late afternoon and was finally able to pack my bags with confidence. Exhausted from the uncertainty of today’s travels, I settled into the covers.

I was just dropping off, when: bzzzzz. My mobile vibrated with a BA alert.

“IMPORTANT INFORMATION.” He cried. “Your flight has been cancelled”. What??

My heart sank and my stress level skyrocketed. It was barely nine hours before I left for Heathrow. Talk about last minute! I was furious. But then I scrolled down to find some kind of silver lining: I had been booked in for the 2:00 p.m. flight, two and a half hours later.

This, at least, was something, but my mind was racing now. I would have to rearrange my transit to the airport (friends had driven me, now I would have to make my way on the subway.) My boyfriend would have to change his plans when he picks me up at the other end.

Also, the flight change was not automatic. I almost missed the instructions: I was responsible for “accepting the flight”, which meant digging into my booking reference and going through several other steps. I was annoyed, as I had paid to reserve an aisle seat on my original flight, but there was no option to do so here.

Well, I thought, it’s this usual story: Covid. Maybe the pilot got sick, or the plane was almost empty and they had to consolidate flights at the last minute. Nothing new to see here.

But then I received another missive from BA: “Like other airlines, we are currently experiencing disruptions to our schedule due to guidance issued to airlines regarding 5G restrictions which may affect certain types of aircraft.”