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Is this the best sound diffuser? A Look at Audamod’s Acoustic Processing

Audamod’s diffusers are truly a work of art for any studio

Sound diffusers are often the most underrated form of acoustic treatment, especially by new producers. And while it can be easy to see why sometimes, it’s a shame that even I only recently started seeing the benefits of broadcasting sound in my music studio.

New producers often tend to look to sound absorption, which can be vital to treating a room or studio. But that’s the thing; they are just one piece of a much bigger puzzle.

This is why diffusion is just as critical, if not more so, than absorption.

And after looking at one of the custom rooms from Audomod, a company that specializes in making quality, affordable diffusers, I’ve decided that I’ll never mix in a room without a diffusion again (at least if I can). to help).

Discover their full range of diffusers here.

How do sound diffusers work?

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In the same way that mirrors and reflective surfaces block and break up light waves, diffusers help to do the same for sound. Although a straight beam of light can be powerful, once it is scattered by a reflective surface or scattered through a crystalline substance, the waves become less powerful.

This is what diffusers do to a sound wave.

Sound diffusers use the depth and angles of an object (the diffuser) to disperse the sound coming out of your speakers and split it into a thousand different directions. The curves, edges and grooves of a diffuser like Audamod’s are specifically designed to create as many other surfaces and angled edges to provide as many points as possible for the sound to diffuse.

Since the wavelengths of different frequencies are different (low frequencies are longer while high frequencies are shorter), the best diffusers have different depths and angles to ensure frequencies across the entire spectrum are adequately disseminated.

Because the sound is always active, instead of falling dead like it does with absorption, having a few diffusers in your studio, placed in the right places around the room, keeps the sounds alive and leads to a much livelier sound. in your room. This is why diffusion is not necessarily better or worse than absorption since both are needed to process a partbut both are essential pieces of the puzzle.

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Is an Audamod the best diffuser?

Audamod's custom creations are perfect for the space you're blending into.

Audamod’s custom creations are perfect for the space you’re blending into.

Every studio is different, just like every producer or engineer is different. That means there’s never a simple answer to which soundcaster is the absolute best. That being said, this is where Audomod as a company really shines.

Because you can buy diffusers on Etsy or Amazon, but they’re basically what you see is what you get. But Audamod prides itself on providing some of the best custom diffusers you could ask for.

So while they offer a range of standard speakers that would sound amazing in your home studio, you can also ask them to create custom setups for you.

Is Audamod a budget option?

The short answer here is no, but soundcasting is rarely a cheap investment unless you buy a disposable treatment from Amazon (which ultimately doesn’t even work).

But the build quality, improving your sound, and more, are all worth the benefits of buying one of these diffusers.

Should I buy an Audamod diffuser?

As I mentioned above, a quality broadcaster is something I wish I had invested in earlier in my career. The lively quality of sound it adds to the room while simultaneously processing sound is pretty night and day to me.

And while the custom diffusers offered by Audamod can be a bit pricey, they do offer a handful of options you can snag that are priced below a pair of entry-level studio monitors, which makes these diffusers an easy recommendation for producers and engineers at almost every level.

Oh, and note that they are beautiful. Acoustic panels and the absorption scattered around your walls might look cool to your producer friends, but might be off-putting to people who don’t know what it’s for. The same cannot be said for these excellent diffusers. They look like a piece of art, and mine gets more compliments than any other piece of art I have in my entire house.

Learn more about their broadcasters here.

Are Audamod diffusers easy to install?

So if I had one complaint about my custom diffuser, it would be this. On paper, they should be simple to install. It was delivered with its wall bracket on the back to facilitate installation.

But that’s where things got complicated, because this device weighed a lot more than I expected. Considering what felt like 40-50 pounds, I can call for backup to help hang this thing from the wall studs at the back end of the studio. Kudos to my beefy friends for the help, because I couldn’t have done it alone.

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