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Interview with ‘Halo’ Composer Sean Callery – Sound and Screen – Deadline

Composer Sean Callery said he incorporated themes from the iconic Xbox Halo video game in his score for the Paramount+ series. However, he added his own themes for the main characters, including Master Chief (Pablo Schrieber) and Kwan (Yerin Ha).

“It really grew out of the description of a person saying he was looking for something,” Callery said, appearing on the series panel at Deadline’s Sound & Screen concert, of the Master Chief theme. “He was reaching and I clung to that word ‘reaching.’ The main title ended up being the guy looking for something, so I took a break there.

Kwan is an original character in the series, a rebel who forces Master Chief to question his orders.

Callery said he started writing character themes before action music.

“We really worked on the themes before I started the show,” Callery said. “Then they got richer as they went along. The themes change over the episodes.

The composer, four-time Emmy winner for his work on Jessica Jones and 24said he just finished scoring episode 9 of Halo 72 hours before the Sound & Screen event. Although not a Halo a gamer himself, he said he respects how immersive the games are.

“There’s such an immersive quality to the music because the player controls the narrative and the speed of the narrative,” Callery said. “I wanted the score for a show where you watch it to be a bit more immersive, as immersive as possible. The game is 21 years old, so it had to honor that, that quality and the tones of the color, and yet mark it and be fresh and new and honor it and be different.

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