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Intelligent Diva has made it clear that she is not a musical artist who wants to be kept inside a box. His new single “Stop Calling Me”, is a rock single. She is a fan of musical instruments and loves all types of music, which led her to write her new ep “Music Is Art”. As a musical artist, she creates using many of her skills which she loves to practice in her personal life and work experience in her music to create a body of work that focuses on originality.

Entertainment is huge in the music industry and its aim is to be around for a long time. In her work, she is the author-composer, the lyricist, the vocal arranger, the co-producer. She is the creative director for coming up with her concepts for lyric videos, 3D animated characters, and NFT designs. They are based on his love for art. His music tells a story in the first or third person. Intelligent Diva loves to write and can technically write about anything.

She’s really grown over the past 4 years, going from recording in her home studio to releasing an EP that charted in France to chart indie charts and now billboard charts. She even received Grammy consideration for her single. His musical catalog is full of hits. Once she has compassion and love for your work, she keeps working. But his #entrepreneur# side has also allowed him to develop to consider working with new people. This time she did it with her single “User” which was her third Billboard Hit, the musical artist worked with SFR Beats and Stone of Endangered Wise Men Studios in Jacksonville, Florida.

She enjoyed working with Stone so much that once she decided to record her new EP “Music Is Art”, she knew the songs would need her touch due to the types of genres she drew from, to know rock and pop. While the beats are always amazing from SFR Beats, once you combine Intelligent Diva on the track with catchy lyrics and harmonies, you’re sure to have a hit record. Sound engineer Stone from Endangered Wise Men Studios records her voice for her both her music and her 3D animated character’s voiceovers. He focuses on the technical aspects of sound during recording, editing and mixing, giving the song that kick to hit, which means making sure it’s on point.

They definitely released another hit with the single “Stop Calling Me”, which is the first single from Music IS Art Ep. “Stop Calling Me”, is something everyone can relate to. We all wanted someone to stop calling us. Intelligent Diva focuses on crafting the music, making sure it’s a hit, then taking the track to the next level by releasing other products around it. With a music catalog of 14 songs and 3 billboard hits, the musical artist says she is also focused on creating more commercial music that can be used for film, television and cinema. If she continues like this, someone will recognize how talented she is and offer her her music publishing deal. She owns two record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records and her own publishing house.

Company Name: Intelligent Diva Music
Contact Name: Vercountess Hendricks
Company Email: [email protected]
Country: United States

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