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Instagram fixed stories sound bug – update your app now

Listen, we all use Instagram in situations where we probably shouldn’t. We open the app and scroll through the feed or spontaneously tap on stories, even when we’re surrounded by other people and need to do so in silence. Previously, this wasn’t much of a problem – on the iPhone, just keep your phone’s mute switch pressed and Instagram goes silent. Except that last week, that was not the case.

No, it’s not just you: For a week now, Instagram continues to play audio in Stories, even when your iPhone is on silent. Frustratingly, if you mute your phone while in the Instagram app, it will be mute the sound, but the next story you load or video you scroll through will come right back to your speakers. And you know, a lot of the audio on Instagram isn’t particularly subtle (thanks, TikTok).

But don’t be afraid! Grab your phone, close Instagram and head to the App Store: Instagram has released a fix for this annoying sound bug.

How to turn off sound in Instagram Stories and Reels

After several days of manually lowering the volume on your phone to stop stories and reels from playing audio, we finally have a real to fix. Meta (Instagram’s parent company) confirmed to Digital Trends this afternoon that the latest version of the Instagram iPhone app includes a fix for this sound bug, saying, “This issue has been resolved with the latest version. Instagram for iOS — please update to the latest version of the app available in the App Store.

After updating to version 252.0 from the App Store, we can confirm that the mute switch is working again! Stories and reels only play sound if we want to them to.

Is the bug related to iOS 16? And what about Android?

For now, this bug seems to have only presented itself on the iPhone. Although you might have noticed it recently and thought it was related to the latest iPhone update to iOS 16, this bug actually started showing up long before the release and is also happening on iOS 15. Whichever version of iOS you are using, you will need to update your Instagram app to get the fix.

Using Instagram Stories on an Android phone works exactly as it always has: if your phone is on silent, Stories are silent and audio only plays if you use your volume buttons. No fun hardware mute switch business required.

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