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Impressive sound quality within the budget

After bringing some of the best high-end true wireless headphones, Jabra is looking to make a presence in the affordable headphones category.

It had recently launched Elite 3 priced around Rs 6,999, and later came Elite 2 priced around Rs 8,999.

Jabra has now launched the Elite 2 earbuds priced at Rs 5,999 but they are discounted on major e-commerce platforms so you can get them for below Rs 4,000.

But are these headphones good value for money or has Jabra cut too many corners to release affordable headphones? Let’s find out in this review.

Jabra Elite 2: design and features

Jabra Elite 2 (left) and Jabra Elite 3 (right)

The Jabra Elite 2 is a lookalike of the Elite 3 with a similar ergonomic design and solid exterior, even the finish is the same but the buttons are easier to press in Jabra’s latest offering.

The headphones are quite light; each bud weighs nearly 5 grams and sits comfortably in your ear.

Jabra Elite 2 (left) and Jabra Elite 3 (right)
Jabra Elite 2 (left) and Jabra Elite 3 (right)

The IP55 rating offers good resistance to dust, sweat and water. There’s no touch control, you have to press a physical button on each bud to play/pause music, skip tracks, etc. I have to admit that the buttons are easier to press, unlike the case with the Elite 3 buds, but it’s uncomfortable to press the button while using the headphones.

The charging case is also the same size as in Elite 3, however, it is easy to carry in the pocket and at 31g it is also quite light.

Overall, they have a pretty solid build for a budget earphone.

Jabra Elite 2: sound quality

Jabra Elite 2 (left) and Jabra Elite 3 (right)
Jabra Elite 2 (left) and Jabra Elite 3 (right)

The Jabra Elite 2 offers really impressive sound for the asking price with a nice balance between treble and bass on the default setting.

The separation of vocals and instruments is remarkable and the bass is decent, if not overly impressive, thanks to the 6mm drivers; it’s hard to get that sweet bass in this price range.

Jabra’s signature sound is impressive.

Jabra Elite 2
Jabra Elite 2

The only big miss here is ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) support which would have sweetened the deal and which you miss the most when using these headphones outdoors.

The Elite 2’s sound insulation is pretty thin, but doesn’t fare too well in a noisy environment.

You can take calls using the headphones, but the experience is good as long as you use them indoors, the headphones struggle a lot and the call experience is not good at all outdoors .

Jabra Elite 2: Battery life

Jabra claims the Elite 2 can last up to 21 hours with the case on and offer up to 7 hours of battery life on a single charge. It is close to that of regular use. Also, since there’s no ANC, the battery time doesn’t fluctuate much.

There’s also fast charging support, you get 1 hour of music playback with 10 minutes of charging.

Jabra Elite 2: Verdict

The Jabra Elite 2 is indeed worthy of consideration if your budget is around Rs 5,000. There is no compromise on sound quality and the battery life is impressive, but yes, you would miss the ANC that you should spend the extra bucks on.

The Jabra Elite 4 Active is a good option if ANC is your priority, but Nothing Ear (1) is another worthy earbud in this price range.