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Hypocrisy: injecting yourself with fresh blood

The life of a musician can be relentless at the best of times, if he’s not touring, writing or preparing for the next album cycle in order to make a living. A perfect example of this is the iconic rock Tägtgren of HYPOCRISY who is known to juggle a multitude of groups at once. The pandemic has been a huge hurdle for musicians, but if anything, rock was relieved.

“For the first time in 28 years, I actually spent a summer at home, sitting on the porch, looking at the lake and being able to just enjoy the peace instead of always having to go to the airport every weekend. and take a plane to a Festival. It’s pretty cool! He explains. “After the LINDEMANN the tour was cut short, I came home and for six months I lay on the couch, watching TV and eating junk food! I really needed it because I kind of hit a wall in 2015 and never got over it. I should have taken a break but didn’t and just kept going. I feel a lot more motivated now.

Before the world comes to a complete stop rock had already completed the last chapter of the illustrious legacy of HYPOCRISY. A release he’s been sitting on for some time, ready to pull the trigger when the time is right. Album number 13, Veneration might just be their best material yet. “I didn’t want to start rearranging and changing things, I wanted it to be 100% HYPOCRISY but I also wanted them to be better songs, better production. We have established our style over the years and I know what I do best, ”explains rock.

“I pretty much wrote and recorded the album off the drums. We spent a few weeks in the studio but since we all live in different countries, we had little time to work together. It gave me plenty of time to piece together what I needed and by 2019 the album was done. Obviously the pandemic happened and due to a lot of issues with things like the huge delays in pressing the vinyls we kind of just sat on the album and I’ll tell you, it wasn’t. not fun at all, just wait and wait but it was good in a way as we had everything prepared like the clips so we were good to go. It’s always exciting because you put a lot of time and effort into it. You’ve done your best and want to see what everyone thinks about it. There are a few songs that I think are weaker than others, but generally I’m wrong and others think these are the best songs, so I’m curious to see the reactions.

One of the most exciting things about this album cycle is that rockthe son of Sebastian (who has already shown his talent as a live drummer for PAIN) helped contribute to this release. Something that really started a fire under rock. “When you’ve done 12 albums with a band, you’re not as motivated as you were all those years ago. I felt like I had poured out everything I could. We can still go out and play shows, that was no problem. I just needed some kind of carrot to start writing again and I think this father / son collaboration really woke me up. I never write on tour because I need peace of mind, I have to be home to be able to write the lyrics and the music. I’ve been writing here in my studio since about 1994. In 2017, we spent all summer writing riffs and putting songs together because we wanted to.

“He wrote for End of communication also and me and him wrote Soldier of fortune when he was around 14, so he always had a lot of potential. So we just started spitting riffs and writing all kinds of weird stuff and Dead World was one of the songs he wrote and I asked him if I could use it for HYPOCRISY. I think it’s really cool, it’s fresh, unique and brutal. We will start to write some PAIN songs together. He’s a youngster but he can handle a lot already and I want to see what we can contribute to PAIN together. I think it could be something cool, some fresh blood!

Worship is now available through Nuclear Blast Records.

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