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How Understanding His Sound Earned Lasso His First Billboard Success

Lasso (real name: Andres Vicente Lazo Uslar) was 11 years old when he discovered his passion for music. One December, his father, also passionate about music, brings home an electric guitar. “My friends and I started learning to play the guitar,” he says Billboard. “We had no idea about the music, but we kind of convinced our school to do a talent show so we could perform.”

And that’s exactly when Lasso, then in fifth grade, told his mom he wanted to pursue music for the rest of his life.

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In 2012, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter released his first album Sin Otro Sentido, which also marked the first time he realized he had garnered a sequel. “They had placed all my CDs in front of the store, and the same day they were all sold out,” he recalls. “The music store also had a chart of the best performing albums of the week, and mine was at the top. I was impressed.”

Since then, Lasso has been a Latin Nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards and has released a number of key collaborations including “Un Millon Como Tu” with Chilean artist Cami, “Subtitulos” with Mexican pop star Danna Paola and “Ni Vivo, Ni Muerto ” with fellow Venezuelan Micro TDH. But this year, he’s opted to steer clear of feature films and give fans a more intimate look at his next project.

Among the singles released ahead of this planned set – which he currently hopes to release in early 2023 – include “DIOS”, “Algodon”, “Yo-Yo” and the track that earned him his first Billboard hit, “Ojos Marrones.”

“I remember it started blowing up on June 17, and I didn’t understand why,” he notes of the song’s virality on TikTok. “It’s weird, because I made up a trend for the song and nobody paid attention to it. Suddenly someone used sound to compare Justin Bieber’s relationship with Selena Gomez with his relationship with his wife Hailey Bieber, and I thought it was such a bad idea to compare relationships. But then I saw that everyone was starting to follow the trend.

Building on its success on social networks, Lasso entered the Billboard charts for the first time when “Ojos Marrones” peaked at No. 66 on the Global Billboard 200 table and at No. 39 on the Global Billboard Excl. WE painting, both dated September 17. The song also earned him his first and only entry on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100 graph (dated September 10). A remix with Sebastian Yatra also exists, which came together organically.

“The fact that you try to get over an ex-partner by dating someone new, but there are times when you can’t get over it – I think there’s something very human about lyrics,” he explains.

Currently, Lasso is on his Algodon World Tour, which will be heading to the United States in November, and plans to release his new single “Corriendo con Tijeras” as part of his upcoming studio album, which he says will have no collaboration, and only songs “for the fans who have been following him since day one”.

Below, learn more about this month’s rising Latin artist, in his own words:

Last name: Andrés Vicente Lazo Uslar

Age: 34

Recommended song: “Ojos Marrones”

Greatest accomplishment: Knowing that great things can only be achieved with hard work and discipline. I was looking for a hit, a big collaboration for a long time but it was impossible. So I focused on people who listen to me and like me. I was trying to achieve something that didn’t exist. So I calmed down and started seeing music completely differently. My greatest accomplishment is understanding my music and turning my focus into things that I simply enjoy.

And after: My new single ‘Corriendo con Tijeras’ is out on October 27th. God willing, the album will be released in March next year. But my plans for now are to keep touring and releasing new music. Fortunately, all the tracks are already recorded, and I don’t need to stress on the road.

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