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How to improve your TV sound in 7 clever ways

Many of us would need to know how to make your TV sound better. See, it’s one thing to have all the gear, but many of us may not know how to use it to its fullest potential. And while many people are investing in the latest smart home technology to make their lives easier and more enjoyable, there are hacks you can use to enhance the experience.

If you’ve just brought home one of the best TV brands, you’ve probably already noticed that the sound system falls short of expectations. TVs tend to get thinner as they get more advanced, which means manufacturers have less space to install quality speakers.

Some well-known brands, like Panasonic and Sony, have invested in higher quality TV speakers, but they still don’t give you the best viewing experience for you and your family. You’ve probably spent a few hundred dollars on that new TV, so you don’t want to settle for subpar audio quality. Here are some ways to get the best TV sound settings available.

How to improve your TV sound

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1. Look in the audio settings

Before you shell out more money for a new surround sound system, try following some of the tips below to see if you can change your TV’s audio settings. Hopefully it will improve the sound quality and make the viewing experience more enjoyable without spending a penny.

2. Adjust your TV sound settings

First, go to your TV’s sound settings. There will be a multitude of settings in addition to volume control. Specific options vary by manufacturer and model, but it’s always a good idea to do a quick Google search to find your make and model number. Also, you can refer to your TV’s instruction manual for more information on audio settings.

3. Experiment with different sound modes

Most TVs have different sound modes. Some are great for playing video games, while others are better for watching the latest blockbuster movies. You can start playing the content you usually watch on your TV and cycle through the sound modes to see which one offers the best quality. Once something pops out, lock it in place. It will make a huge difference in your viewing experience.

4. Adjust TV EQ

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It can sometimes be difficult to hear dialogue while watching movies or TV shows. Luckily, many TVs let you control the equalizer settings, which in turn can amp up the conversation and eliminate the need for those pesky captions. Consider lowering the bass on your EQ and boosting the treble to improve sound quality.

Don’t worry if you’ve tried these nifty tricks and still find your TV sound isn’t ideal. You can buy other gadgets online or at your local retailer to improve the sound quality of your TV, which we will cover now.

5. Consider using external speakers for your TV

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You may seem overwhelmed by the plethora of options available if you’ve never purchased speakers for your TV before. Many brands understand that built-in TV speakers are not enough, which is why they have invested in making products that can improve sound quality.

Before purchasing external speakers for your TV setup, it is essential to consider the layout of your home and ensure that you have enough space in the room for additional speakers. . This is where the focus on living room TV ideas comes in.

Here are some types of speakers that will boost the sound quality of your TV for a more cinematic viewing experience.

6. Soundbars

sound bars have become very popular over the years. They are specially designed to fit comfortably in front of your TV screen.

Some soundbars are wireless, which makes them even easier to set up and connect to your TV.

Take the time to shop around and find a soundbar that suits your needs. Some are more affordable than others, so be sure to choose an economical option.

7. Surround sound systems

You might be wondering between a soundbar or a surround sound system and there are a lot of factors to consider. Say you’ve created a home theater setup and want a truly cinematic experience. In that case, you should probably opt for a surround sound system. Most standard versions come in a 5:1 configuration and can make a huge difference in quality.

However, surround sound setups may cost you more. Either way, soundbars and surround sound systems are both viable options when trying to get the best quality when watching TV shows or streaming your favorite movies.

Improve your TV sound

You’ve probably spent a good amount of money on a new TV – maybe even one of the best 85-inch TVs – and it’s frustrating to learn that its sound quality doesn’t meet your standards. Whether you’re curled up on the couch watching a Netflix series or using your TV for the ultimate gaming experience, you shouldn’t have to compromise and settle for subpar sound.

The suggestions above will help you improve the sound quality of your TV. You can experiment with your TV’s built-in speaker settings, which may be enough of an improvement, or you can opt to purchase an external sound system. Either way, sound quality plays an important role when streaming your favorite content. Make sure you’re happy with what you have – you should never settle for subpar sound.