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How to fix “iPhone app notification sound not working” issue on iOS 15 2022

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Check how to fix “iPhone app notification sound not working” issue on iOS 15

It seems that the date of iOS 15 with various problems will not end anytime soon. Now, in addition to a variety of annoying iOS 15 issues like fast battery drain, bad personal hotspot, and random app crashing, many iOS users have been complaining about do not hear notification sounds. of the app on your iPhone. Although the Mail app is a common problem, I can independently confirm that other apps such as Slack and Gmail, and even the Messages app, also fix the problem. But don’t worry, we have found some tricks that can help you fix iPhone app notification sounds not working on iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.

But what could be the reason behind the app notification sounds problem? Like other iOS 15 issues that have surfaced recently, it also seems to be caused by a software bug. We are sure that Apple will find a solution soon. Until then, these tips may help. Before you start, it is good to check if the alert slider on the iPhone has not activated silent mode. If you slide it to the right, the mode will turn off and you can easily receive notifications.

Adjust your notification settings

The first thing you need to do to fix the iPhone app notification sound not working issue is to adjust your notification settings. iOS and iPadOS allow you to seamlessly customize an app’s notification settings so you can choose the alert sound you want and also choose a preferred badge style.

  • Go to the Settings app on your iOS/iPadOS device and choose Notifications.
  • After that, select the app for which you want to customize notification settings. You can choose the badge style, enable/disable sounds and badges, hide lock screen notification previews, and even adjust the grouping of notifications.

Since many iOS users have complained about not hearing Mail app notification sounds, it would be a good idea to discuss ways to adjust the standard Email app notification settings. You can also change the notification settings for ‘Messages’ among others.

  • Just go to the Settings app and then select Mail.
  • Choose the Notifications option and then tap on the Customize Notifications option.
  • Select the desired email account and enable/disable alert and badge settings.

Update apps

If you haven’t updated your apps for a while, the “app notification not working” issue is probably due to the outdated version. So try updating the apps on your device. For that,

  • Go to the App Store, then click Your Profile in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and then update one app at a time or update all apps at once.

Disable Do Not Disturb or Focus Mode

If you’re not getting notifications for phone calls or other app notifications, be sure to check if Do Not Disturb or Focus modes are turned off, as they’re meant to block notifications. To do it

  • Visit the Settings app, then select Focus.
  • Once there, turn off the switch next to the DND and Focus options.
  • You can also disable the options through the control center. Simply drag it down and tap on the Spotlight option to turn off a Spotlight or Do Not Disturb option.

Disable notification digest

Another reason why you can’t hear app notifications on iPhone could be the Notifications Summary option. If enabled, this will eventually show all notifications at some point in iOS 15. Make sure you have it disabled. For that,

  • Go to Settings and select Notifications.
  • Now select the Scheduled Summary option and turn it off.

Final Words: How to Fix “iPhone App Notification Sound Not Working” on iOS 15

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