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How living in Tasmania affected SPKEZY’s sound – City Hub Sydney

Tasmanian group SPKEZY said recently city ​​hub how their home state influenced their music and their own unique sound.


In many ways, being on a small island has its pitfalls. Touring can be expensive and difficult, and having the opportunity to tour and have our music heard can also be hard to come by. But with that comes the will and the determination to not only push ourselves further, but to really challenge the limits of our sound. To really make sure that beauty, desolation and isolation shine through in the SPKEZY sound. It also helps the music community to feel a sense of unity in this isolation, to work together to push each other, or to be able to record with local producers and studios like HTE Audio.


It’s truly amazing how different the Tasmanian wilderness is. Dry and fearless, with lush rainforests, beautiful beaches framing glass like oceans, and sprawling cityscapes inspired by big-city life. There really is something for everyone in Tasmania. Whether you’re riding world-class mountain bike trails located throughout the state, traversing lush forests and 4×4 bushlands, swimming in pristine lakes and rivers found in secret spots, admiring the beauty of untouched ocean coasts and explore the old, rugged industrial and convict cities. It’s really the juxtaposition of all these elements that contributes to influence SPKEZY. The way all of these landscapes collide is shocking and beautiful, and it sums up our thought process when writing.

Food & Wine

There are amazing world-class dining establishments for such a small state. Forward-thinking restaurants fusing different cultures and cuisines to create unique experiences. Vineyards and wineries making base wines, but also experimenting with fermentation to create foundations for incredible taste profiles. Distilleries producing clean-cut spirits with incredible flavors and award-winning micro-breweries working together to create truly remarkable beers. All of these things help the SPKEZY sound, not only in the literal sense, but also with the foresight and experimentation found in these industries.