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Homegrown rockers Gabbard Brothers discuss new label and sound

July 23—What do Thee Shams, Buffalo Killers and Gabbard Brothers have in common? These are all musical outlets from Zach and Andy Gabbard. The projects share a common retro-rock approach, but the siblings continue to expand their sound on “Gabbard Brothers.”

Zach and Andy, who grew up in Middletown, recently chatted about their new self-titled feature film. It was released on July 15 by Karma Chief Records, a Loveland-based imprint of Colemine Records.

Remote recording

Zach: “We made the record while we were in lockdown. I would do it in my studio and Andy would do it in his studio. It was nice to be able to continue doing what you love even though everything else was in a utter mayhem.”

Andy: “We were always recording in the same room at the same time, so it was an experimental time for us. We did everything through The Cloud. We shared files and built songs. It was a little daunting at times. but, in the end, we pretty much made it.”

sibling connection

Zach: “We talked about doing the next record on our own as Gabbard Bros., but we never really discussed anything. We’re just going to do the work and it always seems to fit. The flow is good on the records. It fits because we lead the same life. We’re still together all the time. We both have families and our kids are growing up, so it always seems to fit together well.”

Andy: “We’ve been doing stuff together for so long. We both work the same way. We know you can’t beat a song into the ground. We’ve never done anything and I haven’t been happy with it. We just kind of rode with it and it always turns out pretty cool. We just try not to think about it too much. I’m sure we repeat ourselves d in a way, but none of us have any interest in doing something unless it’s a new approach or something we haven’t done.”

Colemine Records

Andy: “Colemine is a family business, and they make you feel like part of their family. Terry (Cole) and everyone are really supportive. always ready to help us. Go ahead.”

Zach: “Terry is also from Middletown. He’s a perfect example of what happens if you work really hard. Nobody picks you up. Nobody gives you a golden ticket. You have to do it yourself. “

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