Sound controls

Here’s how to filter recording on your MacBook with sound

To start capturing images of your MacBook screen using keyboard shortcuts, you’ll first need to trigger Apple’s Screen Capture toolbar and follow these steps (via Apple).

1. Press Shift + Command + 5 keys simultaneously. This should bring up the screen recording controls on the screen.

2. Click “Options” and choose where you want to save your screen recordings (Desktop is selected by default).

3. Choose any option under “Timer” and leave “Show Mouse Clicks” checked if needed. If you want to speak while recording your screen and include it in the finished product, be sure to select “Built-in Microphone” under “Microphone”.

4. Choose a screen recording mode to use. There are various options, including buttons for taking screenshots of still images of your screen or a selected section. However, for the purpose of screen recording with audio, choose “Record Entire Screen” or “Record Selected Part”.

5. To record your entire MacBook screen with sound, click on the fourth icon (window with record button). This will turn the cursor into a camera.

6. Click anywhere on the screen or press “Record” on the toolbar to start the recording process.

7. To record a section of your MacBook screen with sound, click the fifth icon (selection box with record button). Drag the selection box around the part of the screen you want to capture, then hit “Record” on the toolbar to get started.

8. To stop screen recording, tap the stop icon on the toolbar above or press Command + Control + Esc keys simultaneously. The video recording file should appear in the location you selected earlier under “Options”.