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Great sound with affordable headphones

With its rich heritage of legendary headphones like the M50xnew Audio-Technica M20xBT adds 60 hours of wireless listening to #1 selling wired headphones. Coming in at just $80, it don’t break the bank, Is. Be sure to click on the video below to see all the details.

Although it doesn’t have all the frills of some others expensive bluetooth headphones, the Audio-Technica M20xBT is designed to deliver great sound, long battery life, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You won’t see any ANC, and it doesn’t include a carrying case, but functionally it delivers.

Quick specs

  • 40mm
  • 5 to 32,000Hz
  • Bluetooth5
  • BT profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Codec: AAC, SBC
  • Mass
  • 60 hours
  • $80

Design preview

Shape-wise, the Audio-Technica M20xBT headphones retain a similar design to the rest of its on-ear audio range. A large logo is kept more subtle with a glossy black design on the textured black finish of the rest of the headphones. Immediately after picking them up I was impressed with how light they felt at just 216g considering the impressive 60 hour battery life.

It looks like these headphones have been kept at a price, however, with features like rotatable ear cups and even tactile steps in size adjustment missing from the design.

Audio-Technica M20xBT: Bluetooth or Wired

A 3.5mm cable is also included in the box. As a brand with a long history in the studio, the M20xBT also has a 3.5mm port, which means it can be used in analog if it runs out of juice or the audio source has no power. no Bluetooth.

Audio-Technica M20xBT: Video

How is the comfort?

This lightweight design also contributes to comfort. The ear cups are made of memory foam wrapped in a leatherette-like material. This same material is also found on the attractively padded headband.

There isn’t a lot of clamping force and combined with the lightweight design the helmet feels light when worn. It’s not bulky for long listening sessions.

For me, the only area where the Audio-Technica M20xBT loses a few points for comfort is the depth of the ear cushions and contact with the speaker covers. Much like the ATH-GL3 gaming headset, the ear cups aren’t deep enough to leave enough room for my ears. There is a bit of contact at the top with the driver’s cover which can become uncomfortable over time. While not as bad as the Corsair Virtuoso or Beyerdynamic MMX headsets, there could be some improvements here in terms of comfort. It won’t be the same story for all listeners because all our ears are different, but it’s something I noticed.


The controls are fairly straightforward on the M20xBT – they’re all located on the left earcup. From top to bottom are a plus button, middle button and minus button which all have multiple functions. Then there’s the 3.5mm port and a USB_C port for charging the headphones.

Where the M20xBT shines: audio quality

Despite lacking some premium features, the Audio-Technica M20xBT makes up for it in audio quality. On paper, the massive frequency response from 5 to 32,000 Hz is hugely impressive. There is however no indication if this is both wired and Bluetooth.

The overall sound signature is very fun. The mids and highs stay pretty neutral with a healthy boost down. For almost any genre, these headphones are a joy to listen to.

Starting at the low end, the Audio-Technica M20xBT delivers powerful, powerful bass that hits low. My favorite track to test the bass, “Solar Sailer” by TRON: Legacy Soundtrack, delivered clear, deep bass throughout the bass line runs. And while it’s never overwhelming, that extra low end is just plain fun.

Another track that frequents my test playlist is “Titanium” by David Guetta, and the bass is noticeably fatter and fuller than many headphones I’ve tried.

The mids are fairly neutral with plenty of clarity for metallic leads like my favorite tester, “Mist” by Protest the Hero.

The highs are also controlled without being too bright or harsh. Voices are crisp and clear.

Beyond the frequency response, I was also very impressed with the stereo imaging. Again for an affordable headset like this, I feel like the M20xBT knocks about its weight. On “Sound and Color” by the Alabama Shakes, the strings clearly separated from each other and danced across the soundstage.

Audio-Technica M20xBT: Playing?

The M20xBT also has a low latency mode for media that is not audio only. And while that helps, I can still see some latency in the media. It’s not as immediate as a 2.4GHz connection, but you can’t really deny the convenience of Bluetooth wireless.

Taken from 9to5Toys

While it might not have the thrills of more expensive headphones, I was blown away by the audio quality of this pair of $80 Bluetooth headphones. The Audio-Technica M20xBT definitely delivers a fun listening experience and the battery life to back it up.

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