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Google shuts down I/O 2022 with a delicious ‘Playground’ sound toy

Google announced I/O 2022 with an “SVD” puzzle revealing the conference dates, and it’s now ending it with “Playground,” a “sound toy” that lets you “create your own Euclidean beats and melodies.”

Playground is almost identical to the I/O 2022 puzzle version, and this toy is “brought to you by the developers at Google”. The user interface is responsive and mobile enough for creating beats on the go. It involves you “choosing the total number of steps and strokes for each sequencer”, while the accompanying pie charts are superbly projected.

  • Euclidean rhythms evenly distribute beats and rests throughout the length.
  • For each shot, you can also select one of the four available slots.
  • When multiple Euclidean rhythms are layered, they create polyrhythms that can be manipulated by adjusting each sequencer’s offset or start position.

In addition to the Playground sound toy, there’s also The Euclidean Clock from I/O 2022 (as seen in the cover image above).

This clock uses Euclidean rhythms to represent today’s date and time. Listen to the harmony of all four loops together or try cutting one or more to focus on a beat.

From the outside, it is the date, hours, minutes and seconds represented by dots. Be sure to unmute the control strip to literally hear the time.

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