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Global Sound Curtain Market to 2027 – With Sound Seal, Amcraft Manufacturing and Kinetics Noise Control –

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Sound curtains are the type of audio management solution widely used in industry, such as acoustic enclosures and screens for noise reduction from fans, compressors, pumps, vacuum cleaners and a wide variety of others. noise issues.

These are made of acoustic materials that attenuate sound by absorbing it. Growth in construction activities will fuel the growth of the global sound curtain market.

Companies cited

  • sound seal

  • HOFA-Akustik

  • Electronic noise control

  • Acoustic surfaces

  • Haining Duletai new material

  • flexible shield

  • Great Lakes Textiles

  • Amcraft Manufacturing

  • Kinetic Noise Control

  • Lantal-Textiles

Market factors

Growing expansion in the commercial sector including airports, shopping malls, hospitals, and cinemas is expected to drive the growth of the global sound curtain market over the forecast period. Also, the increase in the construction of new healthcare facilities across the world due to increasing geriatric population will positively influence the growth of the market. Additionally, increasing demand for high R-value insulation materials such as fiberglass along with advancements in technology are expected to fuel the growth of the global sound curtain market during this forecast period.

Additionally, increasing awareness regarding the cancellation of noise pollution level will propel the demand in the soundproof curtains market. Additionally, ongoing technological advancements in the residential and commercial sectors will support the growth of the global sound curtain market.

Market constraints

Rising demand for audio panels and additional soundproofing products may hamper the growth of the global sound curtain market during this forecast period.

Market segmentation

By type

  • Blocking sound

  • sound absorbing

  • sound absorbing

By material

  • Glass wool

  • plastic foam

  • Rockwool

  • Natural fabrics

By request

  • Industrial

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Others

By region

  • North America

  • Latin America

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Middle East and Africa

Key questions addressed by the report

  • What are the key opportunities in the global sound absorbing curtains market?

  • What will be the growth rate from 2019 to 2027?

  • Which segment/region will experience the highest growth?

  • What are the factors that will impact/driving the market?

  • What is the competitive landscape in the industry?

  • What is the role of key players in the value chain?

  • What are the strategies adopted by the main players?

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