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GILT Announces New EP “Conceit”

GOLDEN have announced a new EP!

Title Vanitythe post-hardcore duo’s next EP is their brand new studio effort and is set to be released in May this year, via Smartpunk Discs.

The upcoming EP as a whole explores the subject of grief in its entirety. Each song features a guest vocalist – TYPE THE EYES, sydney Dolezal of DOLL SKIN, carson Rhythm of DAOBOYS CALLOUS and Nat Gap of THE CHORUS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT TABERNACLE all appear. It was recorded and mixed by Lee Dyeing at earth sound studios and mastered by Mast Gowith production consultation Hansel Romero [NIGHTLIFE].

Talking about the upcoming EP, the singer Ash Stixx said, “We spent a lot of time as an emo band talking about grief and pain, but Vanity is the first material we’ve created since my dad passed away, and there’s just no way it’s not being discussed in almost every way, because it affects every part of my life. Each song is a vignette, a “vanity” in the literary sense where an emotional reaction to death is explored, enhanced by guest vocalists who were each chosen for their ability to expand our ideas beyond what we could physically do. . The title is a double meaning, it’s all poetic metaphors, but the feeling of righteous rage never came out again and the marriage between these two in Vanity is, for us, perfect.

Along with the announcement of the new EP, GOLDEN released the first song from the upcoming new EP; Amethyst. The new song features a guest appearance from Shaolin G (Jay Webster) of UNITYTX.

“‘Wax wings remade ceramic’ was our big breakthrough in writing the track,” said Stixx about the new song. “It’s a tribute to ‘different mistakes in new and almost awesome ways’ by Through the mirrors. We wanted to explore that mindset, but get even darker about our own limitations. Shaolin (Jay Webster) from UNITYTX absolutely crushed the task of conveying the unbalanced freedom of not caring about your death, probably one of the most conceited feelings, and delivering that rage under a pile of literary and artistic references to social politics. We’ve spent two quarantine years studying the hardcore side of post-hardcore and we’re so proud to show off our new muscles and lucky to have guests like Shaolin to take it to the next level. Amethyst is the bridge between some of the optimism we had about growth and the forward movement of previous material into the absolute tantrum that will follow for the rest of Vanity.”

Listen to Amethyst here:

You can also check out the tracklist and artwork for the new upcoming EP below:

List of tracks:

1. Amethyst (ft. Shaolin g)
2. The shape of the tools (ft. KIND EYES)
3. Small hollow bones (ft. sydney Dolezal)
4. 209 (ft. Carson Pace)
5. Trophy Hunter (ft. Nat Gap)

Conceit is set to be released on May 6 via Smartpunk Records. Pre-orders will be available soon.

For more information on GILT, like their official page at Facebook.