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Gillette Theaters Upgrades Screens and Sound Systems | Local News

Gillette Theaters recently underwent upgrades that will provide moviegoers with better viewing – just in time for some major studio releases.

The works included the installation of new screens in rooms 1 and 2, as well as the installation of new sound systems and loudspeakers in all rooms of the building.

Dillon Woods, left, hoists a new screen into place as his colleague Roger Bockert attaches it to a frame with springs Wednesday at Gillette’s Foothills Movie Theater. Upgrades performed by Iowa’s Heartland Theater Systems included new audio systems in all theaters and new screens in two theaters.

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Foothills Theater Upgrades

Dillon Woods, left, and Roger Bockert finish installing new speakers Wednesday at Gillette’s Foothills Movie Theater.

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Foothills Theater Upgrades

A new screen and sound system in a cinema at the Foothills Movie Theater in Gillette.

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