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Fresno Bee readers talk about wildfires, climate change, gay pride and more


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US wildland firefighters stand along Triangle Road watching the Oak Fire burn east of MidPines Friday, July 22, 2022 near Mariposa.

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Not really caring about forests

Congratulations to Chad Hanson/Lawyer/John Muir Project for filing another lawsuit to prohibit removal of dead trees from the forest. The lawsuit was filed to save Yosemite Park from the fire, supposedly. Oh good? Hanson says felled trees are sent to sawmills rather than left to biodegrade as part of the ecosystem. I’m curious how many decades that would take!

Three years ago, there were thousands of dead trees at Lake Huntington. The biomass needed to be removed from the forest. But no, “environmentalist” (lawyer) Hanson stepped in to stop logging, and over 385,000 acres burned in the Creek Fire. I wonder how many pacific fisherman, great gray owls and red legged frogs have been saved.

So-called environmentalists claim that dead trees brought into factories are mainly for money and greed. Oh good? John Mount, a retired Shaver Lake forester, in a recent article in The Bee, predicted what was to come. Yes, Yosemite is on fire.

The people, the Indians were right, and the educated foresters are right. Chad, keep filing these lawsuits and make sure you collect your legal fees because you really don’t care about the health of the forests.

Save money to help children

I will have a hard time donating to “Children’s Day” or any other fundraiser for Valley Children’s Hospital if they give Fresno State $1 million to get their name on the football stadium.

I’m sure the kids need the money, and maybe they could even upgrade their staff in the short term.

The comment misses Pride

Regarding last month’s comment, “Fresno, Clovis pastors have a right to voice concerns about gay pride events,” bravo, Diane Pearce, for teaching kids about homophobia and intolerance to nonconformity, and for raising suspicions that the reactionaries who signed this infamous letter, as well as their supporters, might suppress fears about their own sexuality.

What Pearce euphemistically calls the “religious community” is actually a gang of disingenuous religious fanatics using religion as a pretext for bigotry. When will this fanatical minority learn that misogyny, homophobia and intolerance are far more harmful to children than anything they might see at a Pride parade?

On the mass murders and the weapons used

A letter to The Beeen was titled “Misunderstanding American Gun Culture.” Some other points to consider:

In 2019, there were 46,000 knife crimes in the UK. In September 2002 in China, 43 children were killed, 400 were hospitalized, poison was used. In October 2021, in Oslo, Norway, five were killed with a bow and arrow. In July 2016, Nice, France, 86 killed while the weapon was a truck.

Same crime, different weapons. Mass murders continue around the world. It’s sad, but people kill people.

On media coverage of the shootings

Anyone with a mental health problem, especially a young teenager, should not own or control any firearms. However, when an immature and emotionally insecure young man wants to make a splash in society, all he has to do is a mass shooting to get the attention he needs, and the queen of drama media is more than happy to report the despicable act. to the smallest detail, plastering the jerk’s face all over the air, making him the total center of attention and giving him the desired notoriety.

If the media were prohibited from publicizing these acts of depravity, there would be no attention given to the publicity desired by the wreck. Thus, the media promotes these acts for their popularity rating. Shame on you all.

Kelley Cadwallader, Fresno

Renaming the Fresno State Library well

I am grateful that the State of Fresno renamed the library. My father led the first platoon of tanks of the US Army’s 3rd Armored Division across the German border in September 1944. They were ambushed that evening and a German soldier shot him in the chest as he grabbed a grenade.

My dad had a small entrance wound in his right armpit and an exit wound as big as my thumb under his left shoulder blade. He lost his right hand to gangrene.

Madden denigrated Jews and minorities throughout his life, closing many of his letters with “Heil Hitler!” I’m sure my father, buried at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, and many other American patriots who fought in Europe and Asia will welcome the library’s new name.

Keith A. Ensminger, Merced

Take the climate into account when voting

When most Americans are concerned or alarmed about climate change and millions of people are suffering from air quality problems, why is the Supreme Court slowing down America’s clean air and climate efforts? steady ?

The June 30 Supreme Court decision in West Virginia v. the United States Environmental Protection Agency has limited the EPA’s power to regulate greenhouse gases that cause climate change and air pollution. The decision also means that the EPA will only be able to monitor and enforce pollutant regulations delegated by Congress in very specific statutes.

Caring for the environment we depend on for our lives and livelihoods was not so partisan before. The EPA was launched by a Republican presidency in response to growing outrage over the public health risks in our environment.

We will vote in November. Please plan to vote and carefully consider which candidates understand the critical need for legislation that reduces emissions while maintaining a thriving economy. The air in the valley is some of the worst in the country, and the record heat and dryness are making the situation worse. It also endangers agriculture and the safety of outdoor workers, contributes to obesity and depression as people stay indoors, challenges our precious water supply and worsens wildfires. We can do better. We must do better!

Andrea Farber De Zubiria, Fresno

Americans, be careful what you plan

Accusations that Russia invades Ukraine without provocation are totally irrational.

In 1962, America began preparing for nuclear war when Russia placed missiles in Cuba, 2,200 miles away. Now Russia is defending itself against the missiles that America has planted in countries bordering Russia, and the Americans and their allies are crying foul. Both yesterday and today, America is caught red-handed with its continued policy of empire building and disregard for international politics.

With this dissent from Russia, consider that if Canada or Mexico decide to put missiles on their borders with America, virtually all Americans will take up arms to protect themselves and their country.

The question is: what gives Americans the exclusive right to self-defense? With blacks and minorities, don’t other people’s lives matter? Along with Israel, is America the only true nation acceptable to God? As Moses tells us, the answers to these questions are not “…in heaven…or…across the sea…; but … in our mouths and hearts; you just have to run it.

Americans, be aware of the evil we plant along the way; and it will only be overcome when we act, as Moses said.