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Fresno Bee readers talk about Roe v. Wade’s abortion ruling and Bullard High’s cellphone ban


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Pro-abortion signs are seen during a march for life outside the United States Supreme Court.

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The hypocrisy of the Supreme Court

I am a former clerk to a federal judge in the Eastern District of California and have practiced family law for 30 years. I was 40 when I got married, and it took me 2 and a half years with my husband with my doctor through fertility drugs to have our amazing daughter, who is now 26. It’s a choice.

My Japanese-American sister-in-law had to wait 11 years to marry my white brother-in-law and Loving fell through. They have two adult daughters. It’s the choice.

The fact that this Supreme Court deprived my daughter and their daughters of a fundamental right to reproductive health and the right to privacy is outrageous. My maternal grandmother, born in Indiana in 1900, told horror stories about her friend’s failed abortion. Under Roe, the number of abortions actually drops.

The judges ignored the precedent, but they testified in their confirmation hearing that the precedent is sacrosanct. They conveniently ignored the constitutionality of Loving when overruling Roe. Some judges showed immense hypocrisy when they denied American women state sovereignty over their own bodies, but struck down New York State for regulating guns, so guns fire will kill more babies!

Elect politicians with common sense

When are we going to realize that we are electing politicians who will vote against our beliefs?

Take Roe against Wade. Sixty percent and more of the American people want to preserve Roe. Reasonable gun control like banning AK-47s, background checks for everyone, making 21 the legal age to buy a gun – 60%+ of people are for these policies.

We don’t want to remove the Second Amendment, but at the same time, we don’t want public schools and other public spaces to become like military zones. We don’t want shooters to have more powerful firearms than police officers. Are we going to give teachers AK 47s?

We don’t want SCOTUS to ban birth control.

We don’t want to make it harder to vote.

We don’t want politicians who lie to us and believe in silly conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact.

We don’t want politicians who don’t believe we are causing climate change.

And what do we do? We continue to elect people who will do the exact opposite of what most of us want. And then we complain.

Wake up people. Elect politicians who think and feel like you, and who will act on those common sense beliefs.

Change cell phone ban

I am a student at Fresno State and have two younger siblings who will be attending Bullard High for the 2022-23 school year. Regarding Bullard High prohibiting students from using their cell phones on campus: As an older brother, I find it extremely impractical to expect teenagers to not have access to their cell phones, at least during their breaks and their lunch. Students should be able to use their cell phones during breaks, as phones are the new normal for communication, especially in their generation.

I agree that cell phones should be put away during school hours, there should be a stricter policy in this case of course. Some students, like my little sister, don’t have all of her friends at the same school she attends. As a shy person and having a hard time making friends, she should be able to text her friends during launch break to feel more comfortable.

On a possible cell phone ban from Bullard High

In a July 3 article, it is reported that Bullard High School wants to enclose student cell phones in magnetically locked phone pouches. While I agree that students won’t be glued to their phones in class or socializing more with each other, what if another school shooting happens?

I would like to contradict that students should be able to have their cell phones, but only in silent mode. When I was in school my mum had a heart attack but my phone was off so my family couldn’t contact me and had to contact the school to reach me which took a while . I would also like to add that students should only use their phones during breaks, lunch or emergencies.

Inflation and losing your mind

When it comes to the Democrats’ plan to “fight inflation,” one wonders, have we lost our minds?

What is Inflation? Generally speaking, it’s too many dollars for too few goods. Doesn’t that mean that distributing billions of dollars in the coming weeks will inject even more dollars into an inflationary bubble? Moreover, this blind plan seems to assume that once inflation recedes, prices will fall. This is wrong because inflation affects every aspect of our economy – including wages – so it may fall, but prices unlikely. This means that for a temporary “monetary solution” we can get a larger inflation bubble. How does this help people in the long run?

If we want to fight inflation, how about solving our supply chain problems? Much of what is imported into this country passes through California ports that are in need of serious renovation – much of it blocked by environmentalists. We could go on, but really, what’s the point? One more thing. We are not entitled to a budget surplus forever. With stock prices falling and a recession looming, shouldn’t we be planning for a budget deficit à la Pharaoh and Joseph in Genesis?

Measure C is well founded

While I agree that Fresno could use the transit work, I disagree with your assertion that the Measure C budget should be changed and that policy makers are ignoring the needs of the community.

You fail to recognize the benefits that repairing, building, and maintaining roads provide to public transit and to the people of Fresno. The construction of new roads and highways as well as the improvement of pre-existing ones alleviate traffic congestion and create faster routes for navigating the city. This would improve the journey for anyone traveling by vehicle by shortening distances and travel time.

This relates specifically to public transport – by repairing and opening up new roads, more accessible and faster bus routes can be put in place. This will contribute to the future of public transport by allowing more bus routes, shorter intervals between buses and allocating more funds to public transport.

Therefore, the decisions of policy makers to allocate the majority of the Measure C budget to these projects take into account the needs of the community and the budget should remain the same.