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Flume’s Bold, Cutting-Edge Sound Design on Third Studio Album, “Palaces”

Palace was “a bit fragmented over the years,” Flume said. “Doing a session with someone in London or doing this here on tour. So to try and put it all together and make it logical and cohesive, I added a bunch of wildlife tones and textures from the property. Influencing the flora and fauna of the New South Wales (NSW) North Rivers coastal town, where Flume shaped the LP, is the connective tissue of Palacewhich embodies some of the Australian producer’s boldest and most eclectic sound designs to date.

Experimentation and the general abandonment of genres are the guidelines of the The skin monitoring. “I was always doing stuff on the grid,” Flume attested in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, adding that the realization that you “can really deviate” and don’t have to staying “on the grid” has “just become part of the DNA of what [he] done now. This philosophy is audible through Palace‘ 13 tracklistings, which fit together seamlessly, despite being produced piecemeal.

Although Flume has long been renowned for its blurry approach to all boundaries in the name of art, Palace derives its wonder and grandeur from the depth and breadth of its application of this methodology. Indeed, one has the impression that Flume allows the wings of this modus operandi to unfold fully on Palace. He’s typically bold on an LP that can be called a collection of risks taken and blocked landings.

As for features, the album’s cast of collaborators is internationally oriented; MAY-A from NSW, American singer-songwriter Caroline Polachek, British producer and composer Danny L. Harle, British-Icelandic musician-singer Damon Albarn, Englishmen Kučka and Quiet Bison, Spaniard Virgen Maria, the French Oklou, the British LAUREL and the Australian Emma Louise each contact Palace in their own idiosyncratic way.

Palace is led by four singles, “Say Nothing”, “Sirens”, “Palaces”, “ESCAPE” and “Hollow”. Once the deployment is complete, Flume’s next step will be to deploy Palace live all over the world. “We have a new show, we’re actually going to do videos for all the songs, and we just have an amazing visual team with Zawada and Michael Hili. And honestly, the show is better than ever, better than it’s ever been in the history of Flume,” he said.

Tickets for Flume’s world tour in support of the album are available for purchase here.

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