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Expert advice with Marion Hawkes

Downtempo, electro, dub and jazz funk record directly from their Belfast HQ.

In VF Live, DJs take you to their homes, record stores and studios for intimate sets and mixes.

Belfast record store Wise advice founder, Marion Hawkeplay a set from their enviable new Belfast HQ – featuring records of electronica, downtempo, dub and jazz funk.

Speaking of Sound Advice and her set, she shares:

“Belfast has grown and become a cultural hotspot, the talent coming out of Northern Ireland is incredible at the moment; and although the town has some good record stores, I noticed there was a gap in the market for something more electronic,” explains Hawkes.

“I wanted to create a safe and inclusive space that everyone can enjoy, even those who are just getting into vinyl. I never want it to be intimidating. Ultimately, I just want to create a space in where people can feel comfortable and find good music.

“This selection has been a mix of a few stalwart old favorites and recent new discoveries thanks to stock sourcing for the shop. (This Wamono compilation is serious gold!) When I DJ, it’s mostly heavier, club-focused sounds, but I’ve felt a bit of a shift over the past 18 months – a ripple effect of the pandemic – towards more immersive, layered sounds.

It’s also the direction I prefer with the in-stores and DJ sets that are happening in Sound Advice at the moment; we will have late night events in early 2022 which is also very exciting.

Watch and listen to the set above; check out the track list below.

List of tracks:

1 .Workdub – Caravan – Memory Music
2. Maya – Coconut Milk – Attic Discs
3. Tetsuo Sakurai-Kimono-180G
4. Garage Space – Garage Space – Periodical
5. Daniel Monaco – Tu Sei Pazza – Bordello A Paris
6. Qvark – Strano – First Sounds
7. The Pilotwings – Just Be – Brothers from Different Mothers
8. Apiento – Things You Do For Love – World Building
9. Cold Dub – Frozen Beat Sandwich – Delodio
10. Albinos – Palazzo – Astral Soda
11. Bullion – You Drive Me To Plastic – Young Turks
12. Alex Figueria – Maracas – Music with soul

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